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The only no-code WordPress block tool to create lightweight popups, sale banners, and slide-ins that connect site visitors to your offers. 

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More than a Popup Builder

Kadence Conversions helps you capture attention with easy-to-build sale banners,
slide-in notifications, cookie consent forms, customized modals, and more.

All with analytics so you can track what works!

Drop-in ready designs

Quickly choose from a growing library of prebuilt designs for each conversion type.

Note: you will find more options in plugin.

No Extra Bloat, No Limitations

Kadence Conversions is built with the native WordPress editor. Connect with your customers
with unlimited options and optimized results. 

Automatic Triggers

Configure which visitor actions will determine the moment when conversions are shown.

  • On exit intent
  • On page load
  • After x amount of seconds
  • After distance scrolled
  • Upon reaching the end of content
  • By user click on anything with a custom link

Display Conditions

Using display conditions you can set which pages/posts will show conversions.

  • All pages/posts
  • Specific selected pages/posts
  • Pages/posts by taxonomies/author
  • By logged out or current user role
  • By user device
  • By user domain referral
  • After x pages views
  • By URL query parameter
  • By custom cookie
  • By date schedule – Range
  • By date schedule – Recurring
  • By language (WPML & Polylang)
  • By product in cart (Woocomerce)
  • By total price in cart (Woocommerce)

We Always Put Our Customers First

Who better to tell the Kadence story than our customers.

Great themes, great plugins, great support!
Highly recommended!
Thank you Kadence team!!!
Ooi Si Sheng
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to help, if you can’t find the information you are looking for please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Kadence Conversions is a paid premium plugin, it lets you build conversion elements that can be displayed on your site as well as track the performance of those conversions.

Kadence Conversions was built with intelligent code that makes it as lightweight as possible. This means it only loads what you are using on a page-by-page basis. It also doesn’t rely on any heavy javascript frameworks like jQuery so you get optimal performance.

Yes, you can vote on items and submit requests on our public roadmap.

We are always happy to help! You can contact support through our support tickets.

Yes! You can access our full knowledge base on our documentation page