Kadence Widget Dock

The Kadence Widget Dock allows you to place a customizable, non-intrusive pop up on your site.   Kadence Widget Dock comes packed with powerful styling options, as well as full control over where the widget dock will appear.  Kadence Themes Members are granted unlimited access to this plugin, and as with all Kadence products, you’ll receive premium support with any questions you may have.


Getting Installed

First install the Kadence Widget Dock plugin and go into the “Widget Dock” menu in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Once opened, you should see all of the options for setting up your site’s default Widget Dock configuration.


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Widget Dock Options

The Widget Dock Options screen controls where and when your Widget Dock will appear on your site.  You can choose to display the widget dock after a set amount of time, after the user scrolls a certain distance down the page, or after the user scrolls past the page/post’s content.


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Choose when widget box appears

Kadence Widget Dock gives you options for choosing when your widget box appears.  One way you can configure it is to set it to appear after a fixed amount of time, anywhere from 1 to 20 seconds.  Another option is setting it to show up after the user scrolls past a certain point.  The amount can be anywhere from 0 to 2000 pixels, depending specific on your needs.  One final option is to have the dock appear after the user has scrolled through all of the post/page’s content.


Choose repeat options

The repeat options of the Widget Dock give you the ability to disable the plugin from appearing after the site visitor has already closed out of the pop up.  This is a great feature that will prevent your customers from getting annoyed by multiple pop ups appearing while they navigate your site.  Changing the cookie for your slug is useful when you’ve changed the Widget Dock.  This will assure that users who have already seen one widget dock will be able to see the new one next time they visit the site.


Target Pages/Posts

The Widget Dock gives you options to choose which pages will be included and excluded from the viewing of the widget dock.  You can manually select all of the pages that you’d like it to appear on, or you can select options to enable or disable it on a certain post or page type.


Target Visitors

You’re also given the ability to target certain types of visitors to your site.  You can disable the pop up for non-logged viewers of your site, or conversely only show the pop up for non-logged in.  Or you can set it to appear for everyone regardless of their status.


Target Devices

If you find that the pop up is too intrusive on a certain display, or you only want certain displays to see the pop up, then you have the ability to set which devices will see the Widget Dock.

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Widget Dock Design

Here, you’ll be able to set the position of the widget dock, choosing either bottom left, right, or center.  You can also set the width and padding for the widget dock.


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Widget Dock Background

Set the background color for the widget dock.


Widget Dock Border

Set the color of the Widget Dock borders.  Kadence Widget dock allows you to set the width of top, bottom, left, and right borders of the widget dock separately.


Widget Dock Border Radius

Give the Widget Dock a border radius if you want to round off the corners of the pop up box.


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Add Widgets to Dock

In order for your widget dock to appear, you need to go into Appearance> Widgets and assign the desired widgets to the dock.

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View your site to see your settings reflected: