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Copy and paste the styles from one block to another

Please create a way to copy and paste the styles from one block to another. If I style an image overlay widget one time, I’d like the ability to apply the same style changes to 3 others on the page without manually updating all of the styles or having to duplicate it and re-enter all…

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8 votes

More ARIA roles and labels - Infobox

I’m really happy with your blocks and theme, thanks for them. I started running the accessibility scan at, and I’m getting several warnings, some of which have to do with the infobox block. When the infobox(es) are clickable links, they need a role or aria-label to indicate what the clickable item is. It would…

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16 votes

Option to exclude current post for post grid, portfolio carousel & posts blocks

In order to be able to show related posts below post content or sidebar, these blocks give you lots of options. However, there is no option to exclude the post itself. As a result, current post shows up in the recemmended posts unless you manually exclude it on each post, which beats the purpose of…

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108 votes

Dynamic Content (ACF Support)

Having blocks like Slider and Gallery, etc. show content dynamically from ACF (Pro) custom fields. There are unlimited applications for this. And installing Elementor + Elementor Pro on the site just for adding a couple of dynamic elements that already exist in Kadence Blocks won’t be necessary.

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Advanced Image Kadence Block: Options for paddings, margins, borders, etc

Adding this to the Kadence Blocks feature requests since it was originally written in the Kadence Theme section. Per the description… Adding paddings, margins and borders for images is essential for the design process and all other builders have this (WP Bakery, Elementor, Divi, Oxygen), so I see no reason why Kadence blocks users should…

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