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Product Carousel Block: Add filter hook

I think it is nice to have a filter hook on Product Carousel block query. E.g., $atts = apply_filters( ‘kadence_product_carousel_atts’, $atts, $attributes ); $shortcode = new WC_Shortcode_Products( $atts, $type );

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Copy and paste the styles from one block to another

Please create a way to copy and paste the styles from one block to another. If I style an image overlay widget one time, I’d like the ability to apply the same style changes to 3 others on the page without manually updating all of the styles or having to duplicate it and re-enter all…

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Dynamic Content (ACF Support)

Having blocks like Slider and Gallery, etc. show content dynamically from ACF (Pro) custom fields. There are unlimited applications for this. And installing Elementor + Elementor Pro on the site just for adding a couple of dynamic elements that already exist in Kadence Blocks won’t be necessary.

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