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Add multiple header menus for different pages

Ability to create a 2nd or multiple header menus that can be activated or deactivated on different pages. This would give the ability to have a different header menu for logged in users or on course pages. In this way, the normal website pages and posts can have a specific menu, then on the course…

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46 votes

Dark Mode with option for the user

Hi, I was looking at the dark mode implemantation of the twenty twentyone theme. It looked like a nice jumping of point for a dark mode that users can activate themselves. I would only like the Kadence version of it, so styling options and of cource your wonderfull implementation of the other features. If nessacery…

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39 votes

Elements: add hooks inside the content (of a blog for instance)

Hello, I would like to be able to post elements where I want inside content, for instance: after 3rd paragraph, before 1st header, etc. Example of use case: add the table of content after introduction (just before 1st paragraph) Example of use case 2: add a clickable ad after 5th paragraph Thanks a lot (a…

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35 votes

Add Icons to Menu in Kadence Theme

It would be great if the same function for adding icons to menu with the Classic themes can also be done with Kadence Theme. Reference:

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25 votes

Allow borders on rows

I’d love to have the ability to add and manage borders on individual rows. Right now borders are available for columns, but right now I’m having to use a custom CSS class to add my own borders on rows. Thanks!

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24 votes

Dark Mode Button

Visitors can easily switch between light mode and dark mode, with dark mode icon in header.

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