1.1.34 22nd March 2023

  • Update: Splide JS to prevent conflicts.
  • Fix: Issue with posts block.

1.1.33 20th March 2023

  • Update: Editor styling of form.
  • Update: Support for thirdpary woo plugins and ajax cart.
  • Update: Improve accessibility of tabing through dropdown navigation.
  • Fix: Various RTL css issues.
  • Fix: Inherit image ratio issue with featured images.
  • Fix: LMS sidebar issue on archive template.
  • Fix: Issue with css specificity in customizer.
  • Fix: Issue with mini cart dropdown when lots of products added.
  • Fix: Issue with woocommerce single purchase products and custom quantity spinners.
  • Fix: Issue with sticky header background possibly applied twice on mobile.
  • Fix: Issue with tribe events css.
  • Fix: Issue with css specificity in archive title.
  • Fix: Issue with iframed editor and google fonts.
  • Fix: Issue with possible php notice in archive title.
  • Fix: Title Overlay issue with gradients.
  • Fix: Classic editor embed issue.
  • Fix: Mobile empty cart class.
  • Fix: Role Landmark issue when using above content title.

1.1.32 31st January 2023

  • Update: CSS styling of some buttons.
  • Update: Dropdown aria label for accessibility.
  • Update: Mobile close js to ignore tabs.
  • Update: bbpress integration, add subscribe in topic meta, tweak forms heading.
  • Update: Global image styling options in the customizer.
  • Update: allow more decimal places in font sizing.
  • Fix: Palette, type pairings popover in customizer.
  • Fix: Possible issue with heading spacing in editor.

1.1.31 3rd November 2022

  • Update: Popover css for customizer for 6.1
  • Update: Gradient picker to allow global colors.
  • Update: Secondary Product image in loop size.
  • Fix: Issue with empty cart class on mobile.
  • Fix: Editor Spacing of kadence buttons.
  • Fix: Issue with woocommerce block image settings not being respected.

1.1.30 21st September 2022

  • Update: TEC styles.
  • Fix: Issue with CSS specificity in footer widgets.

1.1.29 14th September 2022

  • Update: Tweak sticky header reveal on scroll js.
  • Fix: Issue with custom link color styles in widget areas.

1.1.28 13th September 2022

  • Update: Language files and fix translation issues.
  • Fix: Issue with button styles in widget areas.
  • Fix: Possible issue with anchor smooth scroll offset.
  • Fix: Possible issue importing elementor style kit.
  • Fix: Possible css issue with woocommerce shipping order review.

1.1.27 24th August 2022

  • Fix: Shift issue popups and transparent header.
  • Fix: Issue with dropdown navigation behind sticky.

1.1.26 18th August 2022

  • Update: Sticky header reveal on scroll js.
  • Update: Aria Label for author image.
  • Fix: Issue with core button block styling in widget areas.
  • Fix: Possible issue where you can’t use 4 columns with CPT archive settings.
  • Fix: Possible issue where google fonts loading through Google instead of local.
  • Fix: Issue with header search icon size.
  • Fix: Possible alignment issue with align full.
  • Fix: Issue with mobile header button margin preview.

1.1.25 15th July 2022

  • Fix: Possible JS issue.

1.1.24 15th July 2022

  • Fix: Fullwidth issue.

1.1.23 14th July 2022

  • Fix: Safari overflow issue.
  • Fix: RTL footer social.

1.1.22 22nd June 2022

  • Add: Option to show caption with featured image.
  • Fix: Margin showing on body.

1.1.21 22nd June 2022

  • Fix: Footer social alignment

1.1.20 21st June 2022

  • Add: Option to hide comments in meta if 0.
  • Update: Allow clearing in typography settings.
  • Update: CSS for social icons to use flex gap.
  • Fix: Small issue with TutorLMS archives.
  • Fix: Issue with single-column layouts unboxed.
  • Fix: Issue with related posts carousel rewind.
  • Fix: Issue with PHP 7.2
  • Fix: Issue with width reflow when opening cart modal.

1.1.19 31st May 2022

  • Add: Option to enable font smoothing.
  • Update: All available google fonts.
  • Update: Tutor template.
  • Update: Add Scroll to id offset filter.
  • Fix: Possible issue with layout settings not following events archive when setting main events page as home page.
  • Fix: Possible issue with Polylang that created a php notice in logs.
  • Fix: possible issue with Page Title background.
  • Fix: Missing titles for payment icons.
  • Fix: Small css tweak for buttons in woocommerce.
  • Fix: Issue with scroll to ID and reveal on scroll up header.
  • Fix: Issue with possible missing font weights.
  • Fix: Styling for inline images.
  • Fix: Instagram brand color.

1.1.18 27th April 2022

  • Add: Option to turn off body shift when menu toggles.
  • Update: Related posts carousel to use splide.
  • Update: CSS in cases where the sidebar overflows.
  • Update: Scroll to ID back support to move to top of page.
  • Fix: Issue with GeoDirectory pages and page settings.
  • Fix: Issue with background positioning not outputting 0.
  • Fix: Issue with columns overflowing when using four.
  • Fix: Issue with transparent header mobile settings not following header mobile breakpoint.
  • Fix: Issue with header row content width settings not following header mobile breakpoint.
  • Fix: Issue with menu flash and IOS 15.4.1

1.1.17 5th April 2022

  • Fix: Deprecation notice for elementor.
  • Fix: Issue with anchor scroll when id requires scrolling up.
  • Fix: Styling issue with woocommerce product grid blocks.
  • Fix: Styling issue with woocommerce archive output.

1.1.16 25th March 2022

  • Add: Option to show update date only if different from publish date.
  • Add: Support for Tutor 2.0
  • Update: Password input in woocommerce.
  • Update: Allow learndash assignments to have comments.
  • Fix: Sticky Header at 1024px.

1.1.15 4th March 2022

  • Add: Option to show post time.
  • Update: Link authors to profile website address.
  • Update: Prevent related slider from using local storage.
  • Fix: Possible issue with dropdown background.
  • Fix: Issue with 0px not rendering properly.
  • Fix: Issue with attribute archives not showing shop in breadcrumbs.
  • Fix: Issue where scroll to id could cause the page to jump once user scrolled to the end.
  • Fix: Issue with header mobile button css specificity.
  • Fix: Issue with preview not showing correct background color.

1.1.14 2nd February 2022

  • Fix: Some situations where the content was aligned left in the editor.

1.1.13 31st January 2022

  • Add: Lightbox support for wepb files.
  • Update: editor layout for 5.9
  • Fix: Issue with custom Taxonomy meta area.
  • Fix: Issue with Gradient missing in 5.9
  • Fix: Issue with empty product search title color.

1.1.12 4th January 2022

  • Add: Option to upload custom social svgs.
  • Add: Footer Widget area option for no underline on hover links.
  • Update: Detect if dropdown rendering off screen.
  • Fix: Aria Label with social icons.
  • Fix: Social colors in footer in live preview.
  • Fix: Social brand colors outline style.
  • Fix: Issue with dutch translation.
  • Fix: Breadcrumbs with galleries.
  • Fix: RTL issue with checkout.
  • Fix: Permissions issue with author causing an error in elementor.
  • Fix: Taxonomy Title Custom Color when no posts.
  • Fix: Event CSS.
  • Fix: Role in related posts carousel.
  • Fix: Issue with conditional display using Elementor Header and footer plugin?
  • Fix: Search close when clicking outside modal form.

1.1.11 30th November 2021

  • Add: Sidebar link style controls.
  • Update: Improve screen reader navigation of menu.
  • Update: Improve touch device menu navigation when in desktop header.
  • Update: Facebook default icon to match facebook’s latest guidelines.
  • Update: Scroll to top navigation for screen readers.
  • Update: Related posts carousel options.
  • Update: Breadcrumbs markup.
  • Update: Screenshot.
  • Fix: Various RTL styling issues.

1.1.10 15th November 2021

  • Fix: Changelog not showing correct date.

1.1.9 15th November 2021

  • Add: Container Padding settings.
  • Add: Post Grid vertical align option when image beside text.
  • Update: Move scroll to top focus on click to body tag.
  • Update: Increase Max font size option.
  • Fix: issue with dokan and breadcrumbs.
  • Fix: issue with scroll to id setting.
  • Fix: issue with skip to content link not targeting main.

1.1.8 21st October 2021

Fix: issue with google display category font fallback.

1.1.7 20th October 2021

  • Fix: Typo in comments.
  • Fix: Issue with some customizer settings.
  • Fix: Issue in mobile nav styling.
  • Fix: Issue with grammarly.
  • Fix: Possible issue with some plugins and ajax add to cart.
  • Fix: Display category font fallback.

1.1.6 29th September 2021

  • Update: CSS opening sub-menus on mobile.
  • Fix: Issue with mobile horizontal nav menu arrow.
  • Fix: Issue with header mobile button styles.
  • Fix: Issue with widget area settings.

1.1.5 21st September 2021

  • Add: Mobile nav close icon background and padding settings.
  • Update: Better GiveWP integration.
  • Update: Better TEC colors.
  • Fix: RTL order details issues.
  • Fix: Mobile Button border radius and box shadow options.

1.1.4 8th September 2021

  • Add: Footer widget spacing to separate from column spacing settings.
  • Add: Mobile scroll up sticky header.
  • Update: Change woocommerce shop page output filter.
  • Fix: CSS issue with woo price filter.
  • Fix: Issue with a few icons and the xmlns attribute.
  • Fix: Live preview with navigation spacing.

1.1.3 27th August 2021

  • Add: Category font settings to custom post header options.
  • Fix: Possible issue with navigation dropdowns and css specificity.

1.1.2 26th August 2021

  • Fix: Mobile Navigation issue.

1.1.1 26th August 2021

  • Add: Typography support for Give WP iframe forms.
  • Fix: Header Cart Button style issue.
  • Fix: Issue with footer navigation font settings for tablet and mobile.
  • Fix: Issue with woocommerce stars in Windows.

1.1.0 24th August 2021

  • Add: Option to switch product variations to label above selection.
  • Add: Woocommerce archive title font settings.
  • Add: Option to highlight parent menu item.
  • Update: RTL Styling.
  • Update: Use more specific menu link css to avoid conflict with custom elements.
  • Update: Move cart empty class to total span for cart fragments.
  • Update: Prevent site title and tagline settings from outputting if disabled.
  • Update: Prevent widgets page notice.
  • Fix: Woocommerce star styling.
  • Fix: Woocommerce button css.
  • Fix: Social item in the footer background color on hover.
  • Fix: Scroll to top on mobile remaining in “focused” state.
  • Fix: Issue with advanced heading paragraph spacing.
  • Fix: Possible issue with Posts block and removing image.

1.0.30 22nd July 2021

  • Fix: Social Block spacing issue.
  • Fix: Woocommerce Archive Description showing when it shouldn’t by default.

1.0.29 20th July 2021

  • Add: Taxonomy options to custom post type.
  • Fix: issue with product image hover css.

1.0.28 15th July 2021

  • Fix: Possible issue with ipad and navigation dropdown.

1.0.27 9th July 2021

  • Add: Header Row Padding Option.
  • Update: language files.
  • Update: sanity checks for direct access to files.
  • Update: Change Getting started video to link.
  • Update: Google Fonts.
  • Update: Block/Widget area customizer padding.
  • Fix: Issue with header row borders.
  • Fix: Issue with spacing in error notices.
  • Fix: Remove wrong text domain.
  • Fix: Possible issue with singe item in stock.
  • Fix: Issue with carousel nav showing shadow.
  • Fix: Issue with local preload google fonts.

1.0.26 14th June 2021

  • Update: Spacing around an image in some situations.
  • Update: Prep customizer for 5.8
  • Fix: Minor Accessibility issue with navigation.
  • Fix: Filter for woocommerce breadcrumbs.

1.0.25 11th June 2021

  • Update: spacing around image in some situations.
  • Update: Block quote spacing css.
  • Fix: Issue with border radius not applying in post archive.

1.0.24 9th June 2021

  • Update: Content Paragraph Spacing, fix Image & paragraph top align.
  • Update: Tutor LMS template.
  • Fix: RTL woo cart.
  • Fix: Elementor Editor issue with TinyMCE styles.
  • Fix: Issue with caption color in the editor.

1.0.23 25th May 2021

  • Update: Changelog.

1.0.22 25th May 2021

  • Add: Anchor to Social options.
  • Add: Google fonts in tinymce.
  • Add: Option to select from font pairings in typography settings.
  • Add: Starter Templates tab to settings page.
  • Update: Tutor Course Archive settings.
  • Fix: Issue with page title height for tablets.
  • Fix: Issue with CLS desktop products.
  • Fix: Spacing issue with cancel comment reply
  • Fix: Visited Button styles.

1.0.21 11th May 2021

  • Add: Support for The Events Calendar
  • Add: Option to style product archive buttons separately.
  • Add: Option to toggle off woo product tab titles.
  • Fix: Hide custom quantity input for items with only 1 left in stock.
  • Fix: Issue with RTL in customizer with specific screen size.
  • Fix: HTML box paragraph being added around shortcode.
  • Fix: Sticky issue with store notice.
  • Fix: Category Widget toggle child categories was not working with shop toggle disabled.
  • Fix: Custom Post type excerpt showing instead of full content.
  • Fix: Possible issue with meta file.
  • Fix: Issue with footer html link styling.
  • Fix: Padding for logo not applying on the front end.

1.0.20 16th April 2021

  • Update: WPML-config with social links.
  • Fix: RTL CSS issues.
  • Fix: Some center align issues.
  • Fix: Issue with elementor buttons.
  • Fix: Issue with product archive title font not showing the change in customizer.
  • Fix: issue with footer columns mobile align with two images.

1.0.19 8th April 2021

  • Fix: issue with social links and footer row colors conflicting.
  • Fix: Issue with related posts overflowing sidebar.

1.0.18 30th March 2021

  • Add: Option to change read more text in customizer.
  • Add: Option to make whole menu item expand the sub menu on mobile.
  • Add: Option to disable mobile sub menu collapse.
  • Update: Google font rendering with fallback.
  • Update: HTML, remove aside tags from footer.
  • Update: Read more links for better accessibility.
  • Fix: Title > Logo layout for tablet.
  • Fix: Styling issues with cover block.
  • Fix: CLS issues for woocommerce.
  • Fix: Woocommerce Highlight required css specificity issue.
  • Fix: CSS issue with woocommerce block add to cart buttons.
  • Fix: Issue where header responsive design settings don’t match when breakpoint changed.

1.0.17 10th March 2021

  • Add: LearnDash Courses Post archive controls.
  • Fix: CSS specificity with above content title styling.
  • Fix: Issue with scroll to ID.
  • Fix: Styling issue with mobile OffCanvas when using animation.
  • Fix: Editor css for device preview.
  • Fix: Mini Cart css.
  • Fix: Buddyboss page layout issue.
  • Fix: Possible issue with header builder and theme options header structure.

1.0.16 1st March 2021

  • Add: Option for vertical spacing only top or only bottom.
  • Add: Center Tab Style for products.
  • Add: Options for custom icons in product payment area.
  • Add: Link style to footer html.
  • Add: Option for 4 columns in post archive.
  • Add: Lightbox gallery support for core gallery block.
  • Update: Allow Gradient options in custom post type
  • Fix: Issue with classes when archive is empty.
  • Fix: Issue with post block on unboxed pages.
  • Fix: Child theme breaking the css when using assets/css/ folder structure.

1.0.15 23rd February 2021

  • Add: Option for last widget to be sticky.
  • Add: Option to load italics version of based font if available.
  • Add: Option to disable post archive thumbnail image link.
  • Update: Fix social in footer if header is disabled.
  • Update: Make author images off by default.
  • Update: Social Email link output.
  • Update: RTL css.
  • Update: CSS for columns.
  • Fix: Cartflows css conflict.
  • Fix: Button display in editor.
  • Fix: Issue with elementor select.
  • Fix: Issue with Div device preview.

1.0.14 10th February 2021

  • Add: Option to turn off preloading local fonts.
  • Fix: Breadcrumb styles.
  • Fix: Preload font files when loading locally. Only preload main file not subset files.

1.0.13 9th February 2021

  • Add: Preload font files when loading locally.
  • Add: Support for custom units.
  • Add: 404 Page Layout settings in the customizer.
  • Update: Lifter Templates.
  • Update: Remove Toolset config per toolset team.
  • Fix: Issue with firefox showing number input spinners.
  • Fix: Issue with sticky header background preview.
  • Fix: Issue with WordBreak and tables.

1.0.12 1st February 2021

  • Add: Option to make related content carousel non-infinite loop.
  • Add: Option for header rows to have a background when transparent header enabled.
  • Add: Filter for related posts and comments title.
  • Update: Core Widget Blocks CSS
  • Update: Woocommerce cart css.
  • Update: Font preview background.
  • Update: Yoast Block CSS.
  • Update: Filter for adding custom fonts, option to use beaver builder markup ‘kadence_theme_add_custom_fonts’.
  • Update: Google Fonts.
  • Fix: Issue with custom post types and excerpts not hiding when set.

1.0.11 6th January 2021

  • Update: Single Product Elementor Template support.
  • Update: Single Entry title actions.
  • Fix: RTL tags issue.
  • Fix: Issue with nested wide align-items.
  • Fix: Woocommerce block review stars.

1.0.10 5th January 2021

  • Add: Option to bottom align add to cart buttons on archives.
  • Add: Option for product archives to have a hover image switch.
  • Add: More Social Options: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Bandcamp, Flicker, 500PX
  • Add: Learndash quiz controls.
  • Add: Helvetica as a font family option.
  • Update: Customizer accessibility labels.
  • Fix: List Block Spacing issue in rows.
  • Fix: Heading margin inside of a tab and top spacing.
  • Fix: RankMath Primary Term Support.
  • Fix: Issue with shrinking header size.
  • Fix: Issue with link tap size for google.
  • Fix: Possible issue with local not getting display swap correctly.

1.0.9 22nd December 2020

  • Update: CSS for CLS woocommerce products.
  • Fix: Product Archive Toggle.
  • Fix: Possible issue with Infinite scroll and elements.
  • Fix: Some Woocommerce RTL styling.

1.0.8 7th December 2020

  • Update: Change to Font Display Swap for Local Loading google Fonts.
  • Fix: Woocommerce widget styling issue on non-woocommerce pages.
  • Fix: Warning in Validator.

1.0.7 4th December 2020

  • Update: Changelog.

1.0.6 4th December 2020

  • Add: Post Footer area Boxed mode styling option.
  • Add: Button to Flush Local Google Fonts Cache.
  • Update: Breadcrumb home icon with link title.
  • Update: Customizer Style Prep for WP 5.6
  • Fix: Mobile sticky logo tied to desktop sticky logo.
  • Fix: SVG Logo preview width in customizer.
  • Fix: Mobile tagline font not changing in real time.
  • Fix: Possible offset php bug.
  • Fix: Possible conflict with footer forced to bottom of screen and elementor on scroll animations.
  • Fix: Keyboard accessibility with related posts carousel.
  • Fix: Mobile OffCanvas Menu Background Image selection.
  • Fix: Issue with active filters and the X not being aligned properly.
  • Fix: Issue with TutorLMS and scroll to top.

1.0.5 19th November 2020

  • Fix: Possible load order issue with defaults.
  • Fix: Missing changelog entry.

1.0.4 17th November 2020

  • Fix: Possible PHP 7.2 issue.

1.0.3 17th November 2020

  • Update: Post navigation filter.
  • Update: Small css change for product archives.
  • Update: Product Block Markup.
  • Update: Dashboard, documentation and pro links.
  • Update: SVG output.
  • Fix: Small issue with toolset.
  • Fix: Gutenberg Spacing issue.

1.0.2 7th November 2020

  • Update: language files.
  • Fix: Possible issue with color palette.

1.0.1 4th November 2020

  • Add: Global Colors into elementor.
  • Update: Small comment css change.
  • Update: WooCommerce product single page product added css update.
  • Update: Small CSS update for icon list.
  • Fix: Changelog date.
  • Fix: Scroll to ID and tabs not triggering to open.

1.0.0 1st November 2020

  • Remove updater, live in!
  • Fix: Mobile header screen size switch setting.
  • Fix: Cart with long titles.

0.9.9 31st October 2020

  • Fix: Sticky header resize issue.

0.9.8 30th October 2020

  • Update: Getting started video in admin.
  • Update: Screenshot.
  • Fix: Customizer preview of footer social spacing

0.9.7 29th October 2020

  • Add: French Translation, Thanks Eric!
  • Update: Screenshot.
  • Update: For now remove the accessibility-ready tag so the theme can be approved.
  • Fix: Customizer Gradient picker when transparent colors are used.
  • Fix: Issue with the product description in elementor.
  • Fix: Dropdown menu vertical spacing, allow 0.
  • Fix: Issue with author image focus.

0.9.6 23rd October 2020

Fix: Link Color Issue with elementor.

0.9.5 23rd October 2020

  • Add: Mobile OffCanvas align controls.
  • Add: Related post controls.
  • Update: Mobile Navigation Slide in Animation.
  • Update: Add animation options to fullwidth mobile navigation.
  • Update: Make builder row settings easier to see in customizer.
  • Fix: Google Fonts subsets loading incorrectly.
  • Fix: Transparent colors affecting mobile when set to not transparent.
  • Fix: Muli name change issue in font selection.
  • Fix: Cart header Padding Issue.

0.9.4 20th October 2020

  • Fix: Google Fonts Loading in the footer.
  • Fix: Sticky Header Background.
  • Fix: Mobile orientation switch sticky header issue (topbar sticky).

0.9.3 20th October 2020

  • Add: Local Hosted Google Fonts Option.
  • Add: Option for custom quantity plus and minus.
  • Add: TikTok and Discord to social.
  • Add: Option for scroll up sticky behavior.
  • Add: Notice to not use Gutenberg Plugin.
  • Add: Option to use an icon for home in breadcrumbs.
  • Update: Support for social branding inside of the mobile off canvas area.
  • Update: Basic support for Restrict Content Pro Registration.
  • Fix: Elementor overriding above header title colors.
  • Fix: Transparent header on 404 page.
  • Fix: Flash with sticky header.
  • Fix: Mobile orientation switch sticky header issue.
  • Fix: Range controls in customizer.
  • Fix: RTL issues in customizer.

0.9.2 13th October 2020

  • Add: Option to enable comments for lifter lessons and courses.
  • Update: Google Fonts, re-pull in all available.
  • Update: Footer alignment CSS for two widgets.
  • Update: CPT Breadcrumbs for better archive support.
  • Fix: Issue with some older Gutenberg markup.
  • Fix: Possible issue with sticky and changing device orientation.
  • Fix: Issue with WPUM.

0.9.1 12th October 2020

  • Add: Option to enable Lightbox for images.
  • Update: Underline for navigation items match text width.
  • Fix: Extra title uses h1 if the product title is turned off.
  • Fix: Issue with post date and google schema.
  • Fix: Footer Navigation Align issue.
  • Fix: Footer html colors being overridden by footer row colors.
  • Fix: Sticky Header issues when custom breakpoint for header set.
  • Fix: Font issues with custom breakpoint for header set.

0.9.0 8th October 2020

  • Add: Button Shadow settings.
  • Add: Option to set switch to mobile header screen size.
  • Add: CPT breadcrumbs, meta support.
  • Add: CPT design controls.
  • Add: Changelog in admin.
  • Update: BBPress Support.
  • Fix: Safari Customizer Bug.
  • Fix: Menu toggle css issue.
  • Fix: Footer Navigation stretched setting.
  • Fix: Issue with mobile line height.
  • Fix: Editor list style css.
  • Fix: Spacing issue with table of contents

0.8.16 2nd October 2020

  • Fix: Escaping a few get_the_author() calls.
  • Fix: Spacing in the admin.
  • Fix: Issue with conditional Disqus and scroll to top.
  • Fix: Some dark color palette styling for Woocommerce.

0.8.15 25th September 2020

  • Add: Initial bbpress support.
  • Update: Title height vh max setting.
  • Update: Issue editor with CSS issue.
  • Update: Smarter sticky header with interacting with other elements.
  • Update: Create a workaround for Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash.
  • Fix: Bug in safari with header builder.
  • Fix: Learndash comment avatar bug.
  • Fix: Remove invalid css.

0.8.14 21st September 2020

  • Fix: Third level dropdown not showing with a fade animation.
  • Update: Change the product archive button to follow button rules.

0.8.13 18th September 2020

  • Update: Small CSS tweek.
  • Fix: Cart icon.

0.8.12 18th September 2020

  • Add: Option for Cart dropdown in the header.
  • Update: Add support for WooCommerce External Product New Tab.
  • Update: Fixed sidebar allow overflow scroll.
  • Fix: Issue with custom learndash css not loading for the grid.
  • Fix: SVG firefox logo issue.

0.8.11 16th September 2020

  • Fix: Issue with some popup plugins and scroll to id.
  • Fix: Issue with remove image in customizer.
  • Add: LearnDash Course Grid styles.

0.8.10 16th September 2020

  • Fix: Sticky Topbar issue.
  • Fix: Possible dropdown menu issue.
  • Fix: Safari issue in customizer selecting color.

0.8.9 14th September 2020

  • Add: Sticky Sidebar Option.
  • Fix: Footer Widget Overflow issue.
  • Fix: Learndash issue.

0.8.8 11th September 2020

  • Add: Option to force footer on the bottom (on by default).
  • Add: Option to use SEO Press Breadcrumbs.
  • Add: Lesson and Topic settings for LearnDash non-focused mode.
  • Update: Use Kadence theme colors by default for learndash.

0.8.7 10th September 2020

  • Add: Amp support for search modal.
  • Add: Customizer Custom sanitize.
  • Update: Move script for no-js class remove to wp_head call.
  • Update: Classic meta sanitize to sanitize_key.
  • Update: File cleanup.
  • Update: Readme.txt with icon information.
  • Update: Theme URI.
  • Fix: Site title not showing on mobile by default.
  • Fix: Anchor smooth scroll.
  • Fix: Date translation for the footer.
  • Fix: Translation of footer credit.
  • Fix: Author Meta filter for single posts.
  • Fix: Issue with a few variables needing to be escaped.
  • Fix: Issue with Footer Social Colors.
  • Fix: Menu Keyboard navigation logic.
  • Fix: Keep focus in the modal.
  • Remove: Customizer Import Export (Required by, now part of Kadence Starter Templates).
  • Remove: Author Social Meta (Required by, now part of Kadence Starter Templates).

0.8.6 3rd September 2020

  • Add: Custom Post Type Archive loop contents control.
  • Add: Control for products to be two columns on mobile.
  • Add: Option for site name title for the latest posts home page.
  • Add: Option to use RankMath or Yoast Breadcrumbs.
  • Add: Filter for Logo URL.
  • Add: Collapse control for footer columns.
  • Add: Filter for author output.
  • Fix: Footer navigation overflow alignment not working correctly.
  • Fix: Search Custom Excerpt Length.
  • Fix: Rework smooth scroll for better support.
  • Fix: Footer Social Colors.

0.8.5 24th August 2020

  • Add: Smooth anchor scroll (with sticky offset).
  • Add: Option for brand color for social icons.
  • Add: No underline option to link styles.
  • Add: Tumblr to social.
  • Add: Breadcrumb option to not show title.
  • Fix: Learndash styling issue.
  • Fix: TutorLMS Issue.
  • Fix: Safari form css.
  • Fix: Footer Navigation styles should override footer row styles.
  • Fix: Issue with Dark Background in Gutenberg editor.
  • Fix: WooCommerce cart message CSS.
  • Fix: Navigation js not minified.
  • Fix: Undefined notice in nav widget.

0.8.4 18th August 2020

  • Fix: Bug with code block spacing in the editor.
  • Fix: Missing mobile html option.
  • Add: HTML autowrap options.
  • Update: use wp file system.
  • Fix: Comments gravatar image size.

0.8.3 17th August 2020

  • Add: Option to move comments input above comments list.
  • Add: Option to remove the “website” input from comments.
  • Add: SoundCloud to social option.
  • Add: Option for Nav Widget to have collapsed sub menu.
  • Update: Internal hooks and code structure.
  • Update: Setting preloading css to default to off. This equals better base 3rd party support while still giving the option for users that want it.
  • Fix: Sticky Logo shrinking strange.
  • Fix: Issue with general setting overriding post specific setting for title background.

0.8.2 14th August 2020

  • Fix: Sticky Logo Max width.
  • Fix: Safari lazy load logo issue.

0.8.1 13th August 2020

  • Fix: Woocommerce filter css styling.
  • Add: CSS for archive support for TI WooCommerce Wishlist.
  • Fix: Issue builder popup offset.
  • Fix: CSS content spacing styling.
  • Fix: Yoast FAQ block styling.

0.8.0 7th August 2020

  • Add: Easier onboarding of starter sites. Install with a button in the admin.
  • Add: Options for Custom post type archive settings.
  • Add: Import/Export/Reset options for customizer settings.
  • Update: Gradients in customizer to work better and use global colors.
  • Update: Add check for class for possible issue with elementor pro.
  • Update: Remove “archive:” from custom post archive titles.
  • Fix: issue with top margin and headings.
  • Fix: Footer html spacing issue.

0.7.16 1st August 2020

  • Add: Product catalog option for standard buttons on products.
  • Sync: Product Blocks with archive settings.
  • Add: Global Colors Import/Export.
  • Add: Global Colors Preset Imports.
  • Fix: Footer collapse issue.
  • Fix: Issue with some web-safe fonts.
  • Fix: lifter grid issue with Elementor plugin.

0.7.15 24th July 2020

  • Fix: Page title issue.
  • Fix: Full width issue.
  • Update: Change header button nofollow logic.

0.7.13 24th July 2020

  • Add: Initial RTL support
  • Add: Search Results Styling.
  • Add: Box-shadow control for entry elements.
  • Add: Border radius control for entry elements.
  • Add: Nav Menu Dropdown Box shadow.
  • Add: ARIA Landmark Roles.
  • Add: Header Button Logged in or Logged out only visibility.
  • Add: Rel nofollow for header button.
  • Add: Title option for footer social media.
  • Add: Tags to related posts carousel query for better “related”.
  • Add: Medium-Large button option for products.
  • Tweak: Post header title overlay when contained to match image.
  • Update: Better styling for Woo Tabs on mobile.
  • Update: Better styling for Woo Reviews on mobile.
  • Update: Move Groups, Essays for Learndash to Learndash area in customizer.
  • Update: Better support for Kadence Galleries.
  • Update: Better Woocommerce Blocks Support.
  • Update: Better support for Real estate plugins.
  • Update: Support line breaks in author bio.
  • Update: Code changes for review guidelines.
  • Fix: Issue border radius set to 0.
  • Fix: Padding/Margin Controls, they were hard to type in.
  • Fix: Single list beside image for posts with no image.
  • Fix: Issue with ratio labels.
  • Fix: Issue with Elementor Basic Gallery.
  • Fix: Social media spacing not showing correctly in the customizer.
  • Fix: Font family issue with font names that have a space, like exo 2.
  • Fix: Blocks Wooocomerce Rating css.
  • Fix: Safari product thumbnail issue.
  • Fix: Yoast Scheme Block Issue.
  • Fix: Issue with page title not showing when set to show in the meta.
  • Fix: 0 not working for vertical padding.
  • Fix: Qubely Demo content not working.
  • Fix: issue with some grids overflowing.
  • Fix: Margin top issue with some plugins.
  • Fix: Site identity not showing under “design” state.
  • Fix: Header Button margin not showing in live customizer

0.7.11 26th June 2020

  • Tweak: global palette into Elementor Pro dynamic colors.
  • Fix: Customizer css.

0.7.10 26th June 2020

  • Add: telegram to social links
  • Fix: Issue with elementor and product archives.
  • Fix: tooltip with palette.
  • Fix: possible issue with shop toggle.
  • Fix: Header design tab not working.
  • Fix: Possible styling issue if elementor used.
  • Fix: Jetpack Infinite scroll.

0.7.9 24th June 2020

  • Add: global palette into Elementor Pro dynamic colors.
  • Add: Option to add padding around the logo area.
  • Update: CSS for better mobile cart with other languages.
  • Update: Sticky header to support boom bar.
  • Fix: Styling when Lazy Load for comments is used.
  • Fix: Initial live preview of Bottom Border for transparent and sticky header.

0.7.8 18th June 2020

  • Fix: Issue with scroll class.
  • Fix: Footer issue.

0.7.7 17th June 2020

  • Fix: Issue with mobile anchor scroll.
  • Fix: Typo in options.
  • Fix: Toggle Search Margin.
  • Fix: Product single background color.
  • Fix: issue with meta comments showing in post loop.
  • Fix: issue with WooCommerce Print Invoices/Packing Lists by SkyVerge.
  • Update: css for issue with sticky topbar on mobile.
  • Add: Another Facebook Icon option.
  • Add: support for ‘scroll’ class for scroll to id.
  • Update: Meta options icon divider.
  • Update: WPML support.

0.7.6 10th June 2020

  • Add: Initial Admin Menu page.
  • Fix: Customizer preview of icon size for search.
  • Fix: Beaver Margin top issue.
  • Add: IMDB to social.
  • Fix: Issue with Core Button outline.
  • Fix: A little better styling for password-protected when page is fullwidth.

0.7.5 5th June 2020

  • Fix: Align image CSS when an elementor template is used.
  • Fix: Issue with comments in firefox.
  • Add: Initial Tutor LMS support for courses.

0.7.4 3rd June 2020

  • Add: Footer link style.
  • Add: Option for site title color hover/active.
  • Update: Change comment form to show asterisk for required feilds
  • Update: tweak CSS load order as a workaround for some servers having issues with combining css.
  • Fix: Editor width if sidebar width is changed.
  • Fix: Issue with behind featured image not showing in some instances.
  • Fix: Issue with strong when body font is below 400.
  • Fix: Footer column divider issue.

0.7.3 2nd June 2020

  • Add: Beaver Themer support.
  • Add: Option for full post content in post archives.
  • Add: Option to set excerpt length for post archives.
  • Add: Auto-close popover if link selected in the mobile menu.
  • Update: Fix list first shop so it works better.
  • Update: add borders a reset option.
  • Update: various code changes for better integration with pro.
  • Fix: border-radius for scroll to top.
  • Fix: issue with the text widget in customizer not showing correctly.
  • Fix: Google Font loading issue.
  • Fix: issue with footer css priority.

0.7.2 26th May 2020

  • Fix: Shop page content missing.
  • Fix: Shop page not showing categories.
  • Fix: Issue with scroll to top svg title.
  • Add: Product Archive price size.

0.7.1 21st May 2020

  • Add: Better Editor Margin Spacing for Advanced heading block.
  • Add: Better support woocommerce shortcodes.
  • Fix: Google Reviews link not working.
  • Fix: Classic editor font family when google font.

0.7.0 20th May 2020

  • Add: AMP first navigation settings.
  • Add: Fullwidth option for featured image behind the post.
  • Add: Scroll To Top.
  • Add: Performace Setting for preload (better compatibility with optimization plugins).
  • Add: Styling options for post loop, title font, meta font, categories font.
  • Add: Option to remove link from author meta.
  • Add: Option to change the author image size.
  • Add: Option to add post excerpt to title area of a single post.
  • Add: Border Radius to the header button.
  • Add: Custom Padding option to the header button.
  • Fix: Related Posts Comment link.
  • Fix: Product categories showing twice.
  • Fix: Widget Margin not taking effect for sidebars.

== 0.6.4 | 7th May 2020 ==

  • Update: Shop page inherits page option for using featured image as page title background image.
  • Fix: issue with colors assigned by class.
  • Fix: issue with fullwidth cover block.
  • Update: featured image for title area defaults.
  • Add: option to set boxed padding and define for tablet and mobile.
  • Fix: issue where some options were not showing.

== 0.6.3 | 4th May 2020 ==

  • Update: HTML5 updates.
  • Fix: Issue in the customizer that could lock down the background controls.
  • Fix: Issue in the customizer that could make it so a header item could disappear.
  • Fix: Dropdown width not showing changed in customizer.
  • Add: Featured image size options in archive.

== 0.6.2 | 30th April 2020 ==

  • Fix: Update Issue.

== 0.6.1 | 30th April 2020 ==

  • Update: Even better product grid block support.
  • Fix: Related posts slightly off-page with certain settings, certain screen sizes.
  • Fix: Aria label in cart icon.
  • Fix: Footer markup.
  • Fix: Issue with Accessibility and tab index.

== 0.6.0 | 30th April 2020 ==

  • Add: More Store notice design options.
  • Add: Single Product content visiblity control.
  • Add: Single Product option to show accepted payments.
  • Add: Single Product category in content area.
  • Add: Single Product price shipping excerpt.
  • Add: Single Product extras list section.
  • Add: Single product related products toggle.
  • Add: Single product related products columns.
  • Add: Single product option to hide weight and dimensions.
  • Add: Archive product title font options.
  • Add: Option to turn off default sorting in woocommerce archives.
  • Add: Option to turn off results count in woocommerce archives.
  • Add: Better product block support.
  • Fix: Description not showing for tag and categories.
  • Fix: Align wide on certain screen sizes.

== 0.5.7 | 28th April 2020 ==

  • Add: Better classic editor visual support.
  • Fix: Issue with builder showing even after hide controls clicked.
  • Fix: Bug with mobile toggle in customizer.
  • Fix: Bug where scrolling was extended byond controls in customizer.
  • Fix: Context showing in read more translation that shouldn’t.
  • Fix: Sticky header issue when no logo is added.

== 0.5.6 | 24th April 2020 ==

  • Fix: Logo expanding beyond shrinking header.
  • Fix: Mobile logo layout settings.
  • Fix: Conflict with bootstrap classes in menu.
  • Fix: Issue with WPML menu.
  • Add: New woocommerce notice placement settings.
  • Add: Comment remove date.
  • Add: Author Box remove author link.

== 0.5.5 | 17th April 2020 ==

  • Fix: Mobile navigation overflow issue on safari.
  • Add: Header html link style.
  • Fix: Few css tweeks.
  • Fix: Site Tagline font live customizer settings.
  • Update: Start adding better learndash support.
  • Add: Cart slide out direction.
  • Fix: Edge browser issue.
  • Fix: Issue with woocommerce subcategories.

== 0.5.4 | 15th April 2020 ==

  • Fix: Issue with product table plugin.
  • Add: Support for Kadence Custom Fonts.
  • Add: Blog Archive Column support.
  • Update: CSS for elementor, beaver while editing with transparent header.

== 0.5.3 | 15th April 2020 ==

  • Fix: Update issue.

== 0.5.2 | 15th April 2020 ==

  • Fix: Product Single page Sale mark alignment.
  • Update: Theme updater to work more consistantly.

== 0.5.1 | 14th April 2020 ==

  • Add: Styling for latest posts grid block.
  • Add: Better styling for product categories widget.
  • Fix: Product and Product archive sidebar
  • Fix: issue with bottom sticky.
  • Add: Woo – My account Navigation options.

== 0.5.0 | 13th April 2020 ==

  • Fix: issue with google font loading.
  • Add: Polylang/WPML support for header elements.
  • Add: Woocommerce Archive settings.
  • Add: Classic Editor Meta Box.
  • Fix: Footer Link color wrong in customizer.

== 0.4.9 | 11th April 2020 ==

  • Add: Lifter Syllabus lesson style.
  • Add: Column Controls for Lifter archives.
  • Add: Lifter Dashboard Controls.
  • Add: Global Button styles in Customizer

== 0.4.8 | 11th April 2020 ==

  • Add: Featured Image options to LifterLMS lessons and courses
  • Fix: Mobile drawer background setting.
  • Add: Mobile drawer Close Color setting.
  • Fix: Issue with safari and icons in customizer.
  • Fix: Issue with header social icons styling not working in all situations.

== 0.4.7 | 10th April 2020 ==

  • Update: CSS for fullwidth row.
  • Update: Sanity checks for register post filter.
  • Update: meta js had console log running.

== 0.4.6 | 10th April 2020 ==

  • Update: Intergration with Lifter LMS.
  • Update: Woo Account CSS.

== 0.4.5 | 9th April 2020 ==

  • Update: Better control for elementor templates.
  • Update: Add Meta Box options for No Header, No Footer (AKA: Landing Page).
  • Add: Mobile Header Cart Option.
  • Add: Mobile Header Social Icons.
  • Add: Product Layout Options.
  • Fix: Mobile Nav showing extra arrow when defaulting to primary.
  • Fix: Mobile Trigger and Search trigger not having correct focus styling.
  • Fix: Yoast Bug.

== 0.4.4 | 8th April 2020 ==

  • Fix: Footer Social Colors.
  • Add: Fill stretch menu option.
  • Add: Cart Header Item Sticky and Transparent Color options.

== 0.4.3 | 8th April 2020 ==

  • Fix: Sidebar width/Main content width issue.
  • Add: Cart Element for header.
  • Fix: A few css bugs.

== 0.4.2 | 6th April 2020 ==

  • Fix: Above Title Background not showing live preview.
  • Fix: Gradients color selector off screen.
  • Fix: Exclude Elementor Custom Post Type from Customizer settings.
  • Fix: Issue with brainforce elementor header and footer plugin.
  • Add: Elementor Pro Hooks.
  • Add: Quick select for header footer builder settings.
  • Add: Quick popover add for header builder elements.
  • Update: CSS Fullwidth Overflow Issue.

== 0.4.1 | 3rd April 2020 ==

  • Fix: Few Small CSS tweeks
  • Fix: Sidebar width issue.

== 0.4.0 | 3rd April 2020 ==

  • Fix: CSS specificity issue.
  • Fix: CSS class conflict in customizer.
  • Fix: Hide title elements when title off.
  • Add: Sidebar Controls.
  • Add: Sidebar Element.
  • Add: Unique Support for Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin.

== 0.3.0 | 31st March 2020 ==

  • Add: Basic Woocommerce Support.
  • Add: Gradients to Background options.

1.0.8 20th February 2023

  • Update: Elements to be hidden post type by default.
  • Update: Infinite Scroll events.
  • Update: Add order option to element post settings.
  • Fix: Order of elements in admin.
  • Fix: Multiple Template overrides shouldn’t both apply.
  • Fix: Issue with elements type selection hiding on load.
  • Fix: Color Picker issue.
  • Fix: Possible character conversion in elements.

1.0.7 22nd September 2022

  • Fix: Possible issue of css styles in blocks breaking when using quick enable/disable.

1.0.6 22nd September 2022

  • Add: Element Duplicate button.
  • Add: Element quick disable.
  • Update: Event Calendar Hooks.
  • Fix: Issues with js translations not working.
  • Fix: Issue with custom padding of extra navigation areas.
  • Fix: Issue with showing elements on taxonomies.
  • Fix: Issue with possible notice in admin with shortpixel.
  • Fix: Issue with color switch losing “current”.
  • Fix: Issue with custom archive settings missing 4 column option.
  • Fix: Issue with custom width mega menu missing on hover animations.

1.0.5 4th March 2022

  • Add: Menu Item description options.
  • Update: Mega menu controls for 5.9
  • Update: Box shadow and border radius settings in second mobile button.
  • Fix: Issue where images in elements didn’t load srcset.
  • Fix: Elements admin title styling.
  • Fix: Issue where template loop elements breaks infinite scroll.

1.0.4 9th December 2021

  • Add: Single Content Template Override.
  • Add: Single Loop Item Template Override.
  • Add: Taxonomy Column Control, you can now set differt columns for specific categories in your blog.
  • Add: Editor width settings for elements.
  • Add: Language conditional to conditional header.
  • Add: Language conditional to elements.
  • Add: Mobile sticky add to cart.
  • Update: Add php filter for sticky add to cart so it can be changed on a per product.
  • Update: Learndash Lesson only dark mode.
  • Update: Add Learndash focus mode darkmode logo.
  • Fix: Issue with single ajax add to cart and group products.
  • Fix: Infinite scroll from picking up the wrong posts.
  • Fix: Accessibility, focus for mega menu.
  • Fix: RTL darkmode styling issue.

1.0.3 21st September 2021

  • Add: Color Switch (Dark Mode).
  • Add: Filter for product single ajax add to cart.
  • Fix: WPML issue with missing strings.

1.0.2 27th August 2021

  • Add: Account dropdown direction.
  • Fix: Issue with ajax add to cart.
  • Fix: Issue with account logged in view color controls.
  • Fix: Issue with mega menu padding controls.

1.0.1 26th August 2021

  • Fix: Add header control cache.

1.0.0 25th August 2021

  • Add: Replace Hero Title Hook.
  • Add: Conditional Headers.
  • Add: Padding to Mega Menu Settings.
  • Fix: Issue where items hooked into the mini cart were not showing with single add to cart ajax enabled.

0.9.17 23rd June 2021

Fix: Transparent Header Toggle Widget color settings.

0.9.16 15th June 2021

  • Add: Apply Certain menu settings to widget navigation.
  • Add: New Progress Bar for free shipping in mini cart.

0.9.15 9th June 2021

  • Add: Mobile Secondary Navigation.
  • Add: Header Button 2 Shadow.
  • Add: Sticky header settings for contact element.
  • Add: New hooks for The Events Calendar in elements.
  • Add: Settings to apply element to Learndash lessons by assigned course.
  • Update: Element Hook injected into the content.
  • Fix: Issue with group product and ajax add.
  • Fix: HTML tag for sticky add to cart product title.

0.9.14 11th May 2021

  • Add: Option for menu icon to switch sides, have a custom size and color.
  • Add: Mega menu custom width option.
  • Add: Hook option for Archive Hero Title.
  • Update: Menu options admin css.
  • Fix: Issue with php log notice.
  • Fix: Issue with complex pages and hooking in inner content.
  • Fix: Issue with all product subscription addon and ajax add to cart.

0.9.13 6th April 2021

  • Update: Allow ithemes toolkit/agency activations.
  • Fix: Issue with php notice.
  • Fix: Issue with Brizy if not enabled for elements post type.

0.9.12 18th March 2021

  • Fix: Mobile Sticky Issue.

0.9.11 2nd March 2021

  • Add: Option for Product Sticky Add To Cart on Bottom.
  • Fix: Possible issue with variable products and ajax add to cart.
  • Fix: Issue with elementor on products.
  • Fix: Possible issue with elements and modal.

0.9.10 25th February 2021

  • Add: Option to hook into woocommerce search.
  • Fix: Missing Changelog
  • Fix: Issue with safari and infinite scroll.

0.9.9 1st February 2021

  • Fix: Paged issue for elements.
  • Tweek: Fixed Top element JS for mobile.

0.9.8 27th January 2021

  • Fix: Polylang issue.

0.9.7 25th January 2021

  • Fix: WPML issue with header inputs.
  • Update: Issue with link style off canvas widget area.

0.9.6 1st January 2021

  • Fix: issue with element expires not following timezone of the site.
  • Fix: issue with element hook after and before inner title not working.

0.9.5 17th November 2020

  • Add: Inside the content hooks for adding after paragraphs, etc.
  • Add: Fixed element width, placement settings.
  • Add: Hook to replace sidebar (conditional sidebars now possible).
  • Update: Mobile Account labels.
  • Fix: Bug sticky add to cart and products with no price.
  • Fix: Change Single add to cart with ajax so it doesn’t run on any non-core products.
  • Fix: Issue with Infinite scroll and elements hooked into archive.

0.9.0 17th November 2020

  • Add: Archive featured image for custom archive page headers.
  • Add: Shortcode option to render Kadence breadcrumbs.
  • Update: Elements hooks with a few more hooks.
  • Fix: Possible issue where the plugin would load when it shouldn’t.
  • Fix: Infinite scroll js error if no pagination.
  • Fix: Sticky Bottom showing when it shouldn’t.

0.8.9 4th November 2020

  • Add: Local Gravatars Addon.
  • Add: Element option for all must be true in show on settings.
  • Add: Elements can select for tutorLMS lessons as a show option.
  • Update: Plugin Updater.
  • Update: Sticky with modal fixes.
  • Update: Sticky add to cart, if variable product link to form.
  • Fix: Registration link priority.

0.8.8 16thOctober2020

  • Add: Exclude options for Elements.
  • Update: Mobile Transparent Header Account colors.
  • Update: Add notice for unset element settings.
  • Fix: Mobile header html2 settings.
  • Fix: the output of code element breaking some valid JS.

0.8.7 14thOctober2020

  • Update: Beaver Builder Support in elements.
  • Update: Mobile Contact items vertical spacing controls.

0.8.6 6thOctober2020

  • Update: translation files.

0.8.5 6th October 2020

  • Fix: Bug with sticky add to cart in iPad Pro
  • Update: Obscure license email.
  • Update: Pot translation file.

0.8.4 25th September 2020

  • Fix: Bug with mega menu and fade animations.

0.8.3 25th September 2020

  • Add: Initial Woocommerce Single Product Page Sticky add to cart.
  • Add: Element can be Fixed to bottom on scroll.
  • Fix: Border showing on account toggle.

0.8.2 21st September 2020

  • Add: Element can be Fixed above transparent header.
  • Add: Element can be Fixed to bottom without adding spacing.
  • Fix: Mega Menu Dropdown issue with fade up.

0.8.1 15th September 2020

Update: license api.

0.8.0 12th September 2020

  • Add: Infinite Scroll.
  • Add: Fixed Elements.
  • Add: Author as a select by option for elements.
  • Add: Device display settings for elements.
  • Add: Ajax Add to cart for single product page.
  • Add: Option when selecting more then one group to force a must match all.
  • Add: Hook to Replace login modal in elements.
  • Add: Learn Dash hooks for elements.
  • Add: Before and After gallery hook for woocommerce.
  • Add: Before and After 404 inner content hook for elements.
  • Update: Rename 3 and 4 navigation labels.
  • Update: Sanitize Options.
  • Fix: Select Overlap in Elements when selecting terms.
  • Fix: Select Post styling if kadence blocks pro is not installed.
  • Fix: Issue with mega breaking columns.
  • Fix: Replace Footer hook not working.
  • Fix: Issue with menu fade up, and mega sub menus.