We offer premium products through a subscription-based model. The only exception is our Lifetime License Full Bundle. But know upfront that we offer a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee so don’t hesitate to try out our products and our top-notch support.

After one year, your subscription will renew in order to continue receiving updates and premium support. You can turn off auto-renewal or cancel your subscription at any time. While this pricing style is not for everyone, below are some reasons why we think you should consider it and why we choose to sell our products this way.

When you look around WordPress or even the web community, there are a few primary pricing models: subscription-based unlimited use, and one-time fee single site use. One of the most popular examples of “one-time fee” pricing is ThemeForest. Below is a list of things you should consider when it comes to comparing pricing between the subscription-based license we sell, and a “one-time fee” license.

Kadence Subscription Based vs “One Time Fee”

Unlimited use vs Single Site use

For those who only have one site, this is no big deal. However, we have found that many people end up building more than one site. Sure, you start with one, but once you get into the swing of WordPress and find you like the outcome of your first, chances are there will be more. We see this over and over again with people using our products.

With an active license to one of Kadence products, you can use the product on as many sites as you like. So whether you manage client sites, or have a lot of sites yourself, you can use the products in more than one place. This is really helpful as you focus on learning one or several of our themes. You can easily create new sites without having to get used to different theme options.

Product Longevity and Feature Enhancements

We believe in sustainability. It is important to us that when you purchase one of our products you can be confident that for as long as you use it the product will continue to fully function, despite our ever-changing web/WordPress environment. We know it takes time to learn a theme or plugin and it takes time to create a site that works how you want. The last thing you need is to be forced to change everything because a product is no longer being updated and supported. Subscription-based pricing means not only do we have the resources to focus on updating our products, but we also have an incentive to make them better all the time. We want you to maintain your subscription because you can see that the value you get from updates and feature enhancements is worth it. It goes beyond just keeping a product working and into making that product better all the time.

For a “one-time fee” purchase the longevity is dependent on both the product’s popularity and it maintaining that popularity. From our experience, and the experience of many of the developers we know, the lifespan of themes purchased with a lifetime license is very short. If a theme isn’t constantly making money for the developers (always dependent on new sales) then they have to move on to another theme to try and re-market and get those new sales. This means that the first thing to drop out of the theme you just purchased (and spent time learning) is future enhancements. As the web changes and new possibilities arise, your theme will not be on the cutting edge. Instead, not only will the theme enhancements stop, but eventually so will the basic updates that keep the theme working as WordPress, plugins, PHP, and other coding languages change. Before long, all support for the theme will end. We’ve seen this unfortunate outcome for so many themes. It becomes impossible for developers to afford to spend time improving a theme that they are no longer making money from and so they move on. The clear exception to this is if you purchase one of the 15 most popular themes. Since they are continually getting sales, they are able to output updates and improvements years into the product’s lifespan. So if you plan to purchase a theme that is a “one-time fee,” save yourself from a huge headache and having to rebuild in a couple of years and buy one of the most popular themes.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Kadence WP we take your satisfaction seriously. We offer a 30-day no-questions-asked refund if the product is not working out for you. We also offer free products that you can work with and see if our designs/options are what you are looking for.

One of the biggest issues we see with purchasing a theme or plugin with a “one-time fee” is there is no way to try out a product for a period of time to see if it will work for you. There is rarely a satisfaction guarantee with licenses that are “one-time fee”. If you find the theme or plugin hard to work with or that it just doesn’t quite do what you thought it would, you, unfortunately, are left with no way to get a refund and move on to another product. I’ve talked to many people that ended up purchasing 3 or 4 products trying to find one that would work how they wanted, losing hundreds of dollars and hours in the process.

Product Support Comparison

If you purchase a product that is a “one-time fee” you don’t usually get lifetime support. In many cases, you only get support for 6 months. Any support after that you have to pay for. This is where the whole concept of a “one time fee” falls apart. Plus the longevity of available support is only there while the product is popular. If the product doesn’t maintain new sales all the time then slowly the support wanes.

With Kadence, product support is always there whenever you need it. You don’t have to worry about its availability or paying some extra price.

Price Comparison

The Kadence Pro Theme sells for $79 per year and is close to the median theme price of $59, plus our theme price includes support. Many themes priced at $59 only include 6 months of support.

Our ultimate value comes from our Kadence Bundles. With our Full Bundle, $219 per year and you get access to all of our themes, plugins, and any new products we create. Currently, that’s around $1000/year in products for $219/year.