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July 11, 2015 at 3:56 pm

Ok so I selected Demo 1 to install & received this message..

Attempted to activate Demo 1 file and received the following from the kandence-importer..

“Sorry but your import failed. Most likely, it cannot work with your webhost. You will have to ask your webhost to increase your PHP max_execution_time (or any other webserver timeout to at least 300 secs) and memory_limit (to at least 196M) temporarily.”

Contacted Siteground & they did some tweaking. Seems the demo files uploaded but with some curious side effects:

the very top screen menu bar reads left to right: My Account MyAccount MyAccount Bue Here Buy Here Buy Here

The Main Menu line reads: Home Home Home Portfolio Portfolio Portfolio Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Features Features Features Blog Blog Blog Shop Shop Shop

So the menus have been tripled.

Any quick fix?

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