Getting Started with Kadence AMP

Intro to AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will help bring your mobile site to the next level! Did you know that roughly 75% of mobile sites take longer than 10 seconds to load? Did you also know that over half of mobile site visitors will leave after 3 seconds of load time? AMP was designed to be the solution to having a performance mobile website. AMP works as a second page for your normal page and it provides near instantaneous loading, smooth scrolling, and styling and branding flexibility. On top of that, AMP pages are distributed across a range of mobile platforms including Google, Twitter, Bing, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. These platforms link to AMP pages and provide greater opportunity for more distribution. Once you install the plugin, Google bots will see that you now have an AMP version of specific posts and products. Search engines will then link to those AMP posts along with other AMP content.

Note* If you are enabling AMP we strongly recommend setting up a Google Webmaster account. This will allow you to verify that Google is seeing your web content.

Install and Activate

Once you have downloaded the Kadence AMP zip file (you can purchase from here), navigate to Plugins >> Add New from your WP Dashboard.

Next, click Upload Plugin > Choose File. Then select your downloaded file and activate.

Enabling AMP

From your WP Dashboard, navigate to AMP Settings. In your AMP General Settings enable the posts types you would like to add AMP to, then add your Google Analytics Tracking ID. 


AMP Display Settings

Kadence AMP allows you to completely customize your mobile look. Choose what content displays and where, choose what size fonts you want to use, even choose the layout of your header and footer!


AMP Specific Content

Kadence AMP also allows you to add specific content to individual posts and products that will override your desktop content. From your post or product edit page, you should see an AMP Settings tab (if you don’t see this option make sure it has been enabled from the Screen Options tab on the top right of the screen). You can add your AMP-specific content there.


AMP Preview

You can preview any of your AMP content by adding “/amp” to the URL of your post or product. Check out an example here: