Kadence Blocks Pro – Initial Release

We have officially launched our Kadence Blocks Pro plugin for Gutenberg and we’re so excited about it! If you haven’t worked with our Kadence Blocks – Gutenberg Pagebuilder Toolkit plugin you can find it here. We’re convinced you’ll love it! So convinced, actually, that we’ve created a pro version with even more powerful features!

In getting started it is important to note that Kadene Blocks Pro is an extension of our original Kadence Blocks plugin. You need both plugins for the pro version to function efficiently.

We have so many expansion plans and feature ideas for this plugin that will come over time (and some in the very near future!). In its initial release, we’ve created two powerful blocks that will help you create stunning layouts that you’ll love!

Split Content Block

With the split content block, you can easily adjust the width of your media side and content side. We’ve also added features to add negative margin to your content side and add box shadow, as shown in the image above. Check out documentation on the Split Content Block here. 

Image Overlay Block

The Image Overlay Block has countless features that will enhance your images and create a powerful look that will draw people in. Add any color overlay to your images and adjust the background opacity, hover settings, and tons more! You can find full documentation on the Image Overlay Block here.