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Dynamic Content - get custom fields from MetaBox Settings Page

Meta Box allows fields for custom posts, but also for custom site-wide settings. I have some strings in these settings that I like to use in various places, like the title of an accordion block. Also checkboxes. Kadence shows all other fields, but nothing from the Settings Pages. This would be very useful, and a…

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More ARIA roles and labels - Infobox

I’m really happy with your blocks and theme, thanks for them. I started running the accessibility scan at, and I’m getting several warnings, some of which have to do with the infobox block. When the infobox(es) are clickable links, they need a role or aria-label to indicate what the clickable item is. It would…

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27 votes

Option to exclude current post for post grid, portfolio carousel & posts blocks

In order to be able to show related posts below post content or sidebar, these blocks give you lots of options. However, there is no option to exclude the post itself. As a result, current post shows up in the recemmended posts unless you manually exclude it on each post, which beats the purpose of…

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46 votes

Count-up block

Thumbs up for Kadence block pro! Big fan, congratulations! I wish I could only use KB-Pro. So far, I also need to use Stackable to get a count-up block.. Would be awesome to add it in a future release đŸ™‚

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Custom CSS Section for Individual Blocks

This was originally posted in the Kadence Theme section by Vojkan Cvijanovic, but I wanted to post it in the Kadence Block section which is where it was intended. Here are the original details: All blocks should have its own custom CSS options so that they can be styles quickly and without editor’s limitations. Option…

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Advanced Image Kadence Block: Options for paddings, margins, borders, etc

Adding this to the Kadence Blocks feature requests since it was originally written in the Kadence Theme section. Per the description… Adding paddings, margins and borders for images is essential for the design process and all other builders have this (WP Bakery, Elementor, Divi, Oxygen), so I see no reason why Kadence blocks users should…

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New Block Request - Expand / Show More

Hi guys, it would be really nice to add a new block with “Expand / Show More” capability such as this one: Thanks in advance Cheers

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