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Custom CSS Section for Individual Blocks

This was originally posted in the Kadence Theme section by Vojkan Cvijanovic, but I wanted to post it in the Kadence Block section which is where it was intended. Here are the original details: All blocks should have its own custom CSS options so that they can be styles quickly and without editor’s limitations. Option…

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15 votes

Advanced Heading - Add Link Option

Hi guys, it would be important to add the option to the Advanced Heading Block to add a link. Cheers

Completed 2 comments
34 votes

Countdown Timer Block

A countdown timer block in Kadence Blocks would be amazing, especially if it were released before Black Friday 2020. Options could allow for various stylings, especially when used as a banner in your top bar above your header. Another idea would be to have a specific countdown timer as a header element for Kadence Pro…

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7 votes

Kadence theme - Sticky add to cart on single product pages

On the single product page if you scroll down then the product name, price, qty box and add to cart button appaer and wil be fixed on top of the page. Also it would be nice on the Customizer to set up whether it is fixed on top or bottom. This way it will not…

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26 votes

Table Of Contents Block

Allow the block to be loaded outside the page content (sidebar).

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