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Global feature requests

I know this is not the way to make a feature request, but after only using Kadence tools for a while now, i really know these changes will make Kadence so much more. Improvement in Kadence theme * The option to select more premade layouts for archive pages via the customizer. Today i saw the launch of the theme builder, in which this can be done, but it should be added in the free version via the customizer. Especially since many sell Kadence child themes and don't wanna make it too difficult for their end-users. * Give more premade layouts for the shop archive page Improvements in Kadence Blocks (pro) * Enrich the Kadence form with extra fields, like file upload, form break and conditional logic. Also the option to style all the fields. * Add a single image widget to Kadence Blocks. * Give the advanced gallery the option to filter images by category. You have a separate plugin for that, but why not add it to the advanced gallery widget. * The option for custom size and custom position for background images in pixels or %. We now have the option for cover, auto and contain, but the custom size and position would be so much more powerfull in many cases.
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