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New container block and/or CSS Grid

It would be great to have a new 'Container' block (a bit like the Group Block in Gutenberg) but with more options for layout and particularly the ability to set CSS Grid type styling to the layouts. Or, to simply implement CSS Grid into the current Row and Post Grid Blocks. The Container Block would have all of the image and styling settings of a Row Block, but with the additional functionality of being able to add CSS Grid syles. It wouldn't need any inner or outer wrapping elements and would greatly increase flexibility whilst minimising added code elements. If outer/inner spacing was needed, simply nesting a container block would work well given the styling controls mentioned. With something like this (and especially if CSS Grid was implemented) you could create complex layouts quickly and simply as the current flexbox methods rely on less efficient code/markup. As an example: Elementor is implementing something similar to this and whilst it suffers from a huge amount of bloat (we're talking serious divception and redundant styles here) that Kadence doesn't suffer from, I believe Kadence would be able to minimise a lot of code even further with CSS Grid implementation.
Ray Dale shared this idea

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