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Option in the Row block to make a section "sticky".

It is a known css limitation : the "sticky" css property doesn’t work when there is a parent container with the overflow css property set to “hidden”. Some themes have implemented an option to overcome this limitation (Flatsome comes to my mind). I would suggest making a similar option available in the Row block. ISSUE The Kadence theme has a main parent div, "wrapper", which uses “overflow:hidden”. Setting that property to “visible” indeed generates all sorts of overflow issues. Therefore the use of the sticky css property with the Kadence theme doesn't work out of the box, at all. TEMPORARY FIX It can be solved with a premium WP plugin, Sticky Anywhere, which requires a few css hacks to work properly with the Kadence theme – to fix z-index issues. Not a satisfactory solution. Another solution is to write an ad hoc script : not for the faint of heart, beats the plug & play purpose of the Kadence theme and the Kadence blocks. SUGGESTION An option within the Row block to create sticky sections . I assume many customers would love it as it would open up many design possibilities (sliding sections, sticky elements of all sorts).
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