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Option to exclude current post for post grid, portfolio carousel & posts blocks

In order to be able to show related posts below post content or sidebar, these blocks give you lots of options. However, there is no option to exclude the post itself. As a result, current post shows up in the recemmended posts unless you manually exclude it on each post, which beats the purpose of Elements. Getwid has this option but it is frustrating to have to use a seperate plugin just for the lack of a simple feature. Also, why not add a filtering options to dynamically filter for the taxonomy of the current post? i.e. show posts with the same category as the current post
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  1. Since there is not really any reason to include the current post when using a post block I’m adding it to be excluded by default rather than adding another setting or step. This will be filterable if someone really needs the current post to show in their block.

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