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Revamp API activation process

Today we have some request or call it improvement for your licensing handling in the pro plugin version (Kadence Blocks Pro): We use your plugins within a multisite context and maintain half a dozen multisites, also for clients. So clients must NOT see the license key of course. In multisite this gets a bit hard to maintain – so our suggestion would be the following: Make a setting for the Network Admin where the license key could be entered and is valid then for ALL Sub Sites in that Multisite. Another awesome alternative would be to make a constant for wp-config.php file where a license key could be set. For example: KADENCE_BLOCKS_PRO_LICENSE_. This constant should be Multisite aware but should also work for single installs. We would prefer the way with the constant: easy to setup for Admins / Network Admins. Client won't see it. If the constant is set you could also automatically disable the settings page for the setting.
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