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sidebar sticky table of contents

I have been trying to figure out how to add a right sidebar sticky table of contents. It seems Kadence will only build a table of contents at the bottom of my blog and not helpful after the fact! There is a youtube video showing someone do this with Kadence, but it requires Kadence "Elements" and I cannot find any product offered that has this. Where can this be found?
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  1. Appearance > Kadence > Elements
    I created a Fixed Element for my Table of Content
    Select the Gear (upper right top) to Allow which H1, H2 etc you would like to appear.
    Element Settings (upper right top – right of the gear icon), you apply Fixed Top After Scroll, Adjust your settings for placement. Display settings I have it set to show on Single Pages, then I select my individual pages for the Table of Content to appear on. I have about 5 pages, so this is a generic Table of Content element that will appear on those pages. User settings to All Users.
    Hope this helps!

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