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Manually set custom trigger link name

Now the link name is automatically generated to something like #91f475-a6c. I would like to set it to something more logical like for instance knowledgecotton-men for a size guide popup. Now I have to use a lookup so I can use all my old names as I'm changing from another popup plugin where this name could be set. “` $size_guide = get_field('size_guide_popup_id'); $size_guide_value = ''; if( !empty($size_guide) ) { // Set size guides value array $size_guides['peopletree-ladies'] = '#91f475-a6c'; $size_guides['knowledgecotton-ladies'] = '#550f1f-e1b'; $size_guides['knowledgecotton-men'] = '#220f21-10b'; $size_guide_value = $size_guides[$size_guide]; } “` It would be a great optimization to avoid the code above. Thanks!
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