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3 votes

Add a conversion target for WooCommerce number of items in the cart

Add another set of condition for triggering the conversion popups based on the number of items added to the cart, apart from the total amount/price added to the cart. If number of items in cart is greater than, or if number of items in cart is less than.

1 vote

Do NOT show if Query Strings in url or Cookie is present

To date, it is possible to show a conversion item if Query Strings in url or if Cookie is present. It would be useful to do the opposite : hide a conversion item if Query Strings in url or if Cookie is present.

2 votes

Reset stats for conversion item

After developing, testing and tweaking a new conversion item it would be great if there was a reset button for the stats showing on the dashboard. Now the only option is to duplicate it and delete the old one.

7 votes

import/export conversion items

I would like to be able to export and import a conversion item from one site to another

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5 votes

Manually set custom trigger link name

Now the link name is automatically generated to something like #91f475-a6c. I would like to set it to something more logical like for instance knowledgecotton-men for a size guide popup. Now I have to use a lookup so I can use all my old names as I'm changing from another popup plugin where this name…

3 votes


Adding the ability to show / hide pop-ups based on the IP address / geolocation of the visitor.