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September 29, 2014 at 1:52 pm

I have just installed the premium version of Pinnacle and am finding none of the icons are working, for example the little arrows that appear under items in a menu that have a sub page, the menu icons themselves when viewing my site on a mobile. The menu still works if you now where to tap it’s just the icons. Theres no shopping cart icon or search in both computer and mobile views. I was using the free version of Pinnacle originally and that worked fine all icons were correct and present. Back end there aren’t any icons showing either, there’s just empty square boxes where the icons should be in the theme customiser, icons for plugins and other elements of WordPress are working backend though for example the Kadence slider icon is showing ok in my WordPress dashboard so I think it’s theme related. I’ve tried setting my theme to twenty twelve, deleting Pinnacle Premium and then re-installing and re-activating and that didn’t correct the issue. So I’d really appreciate some help with it, my url is

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