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  • January 24, 2021 at 6:14 pm #262850

    Ive added a plugin that lets me create a search tool that will just search in one Category – “Tutorial Videos”
    the results display on your default search result page fine.
    My issue is that if they want to refine their Tutorials search results using the default search box they then will get results from the whole site not just tutorials.
    So YES, I hid the results search bar/tool in the them options, but that now leave the user unable to redefine a search whether of the whole site or just 1 category.
    This is why I was thinking of setting up a second results page for the single category search tool…ad on that new page put the custom
    “Tutorials Only” search bar letting then refine their search and STILL keeping the 1 category results.
    Any ideas-solutions?

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