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Posted in: Ascend Theme
March 10, 2017 at 8:31 am

It doesn’t appear that the text you set in this widget resizes automatically to the size of screen you are using. I don’t have any control on the size of the text. I downloaded the demo content for the “store.” It uses page builder and I added two more cells, for a total of five. The one to look at is in the fourth cell. The word ACCESSORIES won’t resize to fit into my screen on my MAC laptop or my iPad. It looks fine on my desktop, a wide screen, and my LG phone. Also on the iPAD, the cell labeled PITCHING MACHINES fails to resize.

This brings up another question about the white border on these cells. I have no control over the color or size or whether I even want it. This white border just shows up, if I have a very light image in that cell, it bleeds into the white border and doesn’t look very good.

Any way to control the resizing of the text in these cells and/or the white border? Thanks. /Bob


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