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May 16, 2015 at 1:21 pm

Hello Kadence friends, I have a real simple website, its MainNav menu has only four items. Plenty of room for these four linknames to appear across the top of an iPad Safari window. At present the iPad renders the site with what I would call the Mobile Menu Icon stack thingie. Excellent if this were phone view, but not what I want for visitors using iPads. (I have an iPad but I’m not very accomplished with it — til now I haven’t had to design for its interface.)
I’ve searched Pinnacle Forum with ‘main navigation menu’ and found at least an issue where Ben mentions the Mobile-Nav-Trigger. But I don’t see through the fog to control that critter. Can I tell the trigger to fire when the screen width is a smaller width, instead of it ‘firing’ when the screen width is 990px big? (Have I triggered that large a jumper spot by my settings for margins, somewhere?) I’d give a link but you’d have to have password etc. Thanks for your help! Sinc, LWW

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