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Posted in: Ascend Theme
March 15, 2017 at 9:47 am

The more I dive into this Ascend theme, the more I like it. Unfortunately the more questions it generates for you folks! 2 questions at the moment.

If you take a peek HERE you’ll see that I have a header background that adapts pretty nicely to varying screen sizes, but the Address info I have in a Head Widget Extra moves all over the place. Is there a way I can fix that onto the outfield grass?

Also, I have the code to limit the widget of an Image Menu Item for Virtue, could you share that with me for Ascend? The background shadowing on hover extends well beyond the image size so I’d like to contain that.

Thanks much!!

Actually let me add a 3rd question; how would I remove the border lines from an Image Menu Item if I wanted to? Thanks again!!

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