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August 19, 2020 at 1:28 pm


We’re using Info Box blocks with icons. We built the site using Administrator role permissions. Now that we have users in the Editor role managing page content we’re running into an issue. When an admin opens a page with the Info Boxes on them, they don’t have any issues. When an Editor opens the same page, there doesn’t appear to be any issue until they update the page. After an Editor has modified a page, the icons disappear and only the circles around them are shown.

The next time either the Editor or the Admin users go into the same page, the block says it has invalid HTML and provides an option to recover it. If recovery is selected, the icons reappear. However, they disappear again if the Editor saves the page. When the Admin saves the page, the icons remain visible. This seems to be some kind of permissions/capability issue. We’ve reproduced this with WordPress 5.5 TwentyTwenty theme (no mods), the latest versions of Kadence plugins installed, and no other plugins active. We’ve also reproduced the issue in Firefox and Chrome.

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