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September 27, 2020 at 8:48 am

As a Super Admin, I’m attempting to activate Kadence Blocks Pro on a multi-site subsite on which the free version of Kadence Blocks is already activated.

Kadence Blocks Pro activates fine but puts this error message at the top of every page:
The following plugins have not been activated: Kadence Blocks Pro.

At the end of the notice, there is a Click here to activate link which points to:

The problem seems to be in lines 161-174 kadence-blocks-pro\kadence-classes\kadence-activation\class-kadence-plugin-api-manager.php. Commenting out these lines removes the notice.

First, you shouldn’t expect the plugin to be network activated. Your plugin represents functionality that isn’t appropriate for every site on the network. Some of them don’t even use the block editor. Second, on a network, you shouldn’t expect the subsite to know or be able to enter an API key. We manually update plugins on our network rather than updating via the WP dashboard, so we’re not using the API key to support updates. If you want to use an API key for security, create a DEFINE that can go in wp-config.php so that there’s no need to add the API key via a dashboard.

Hope that helps.

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