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August 23, 2016 at 1:09 pm

I spent a bunch of time today getting to resolution of my website hanging because of hitting resource limits on the server. The website had been working properly without any issues and it had been several days since I updated any themes/plugins. All of a sudden my memory and CPU resources on the Godaddy server kept hitting limits each time I tried to log in to the admin area from my desktop. Godaddy tech support identified the issue as far too many active processes and suspected a plugin. I tried restoring several different backups including some over a month old without success. Finally I tried logging into the admin area from a different computer and was successful. So, the problem was caused by the web browsers on my desktop computer – it wasn’t unique to one browser, because the same problem occurred with both internet explorer and google chrome. The only thing that I could think to cause this is the widget dock plugin. I had installed and tested it from both web browsers on my desktop. Through the plugin, I had set up for a popup window to appear from my home page. When the problem first occurred, I had multiple tabs open on different pages of my website – some in the admin area. I suspect that extra processes were getting initiated via the widget dock plugin. I am now running without issue from all platforms. The only change has been to disable the widget dock plugin (I did not erase browsing history or cookies on the computer that had been the source of the hang problem).

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