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September 19, 2014 at 6:10 am

Hi Ben,

here’s a classical issue with dynamic grid layouts and initially hidden content. Unfortunately this doesnt work for me in Pinnacle today.
In the post/page editor I insert the Pinnacle Shortcode for TABS and for the second – i.e. initially hidden – tab i query some staff data containing images:

[tabs][tab title="title1" start=open]
Put content here
[/tab][tab title="title2"]
[staff_posts items="-1" orderby="menu_order" columns="2" ratio="square" link="true" cat="JIB"]
[/tab][tab title="title3"]
Copy and paste to create more

The second tab doesn’t get displayed properly.
Any chance to fix that soon?


( Calling isotope.reLayout() each time the tabs are switched saved my day in other projects… )

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