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  • May 26, 2017 at 11:56 am #146775

    Ok, this is a bit off the wall, but I am somewhat confused by how difficult it is to copy/move WordPress and Theme settings from one site to another. Can you help me? Here is the long and short of it.

    Live site: – running Pinnacle Premium
    Development site: – running Ascend Premium (from Shopping Demo)
    New dev site: – a mix of the live site (I used Duplicator Pro to copy the live site to this subdirectory) but I installed Ascend Premium. Then I did an export under Theme Options from the /dev site running Ascend Premium and ran that file on the /dev2 site.

    At first little if anything was working correctly. No logo, no sliders, no menus, wrong color, wrong pointers to pictures and media. For example, the logo setting on the new /dev2 site, Theme Options > Logo Settings still pointed to the logo setting on the /dev site. I changed that to /dev2 and still nothing. It was also pointing to the wrong directory on Theme Options > Mobile Header Settings and I changed that too, no effect on my desktop, of course. Then I noticed another logo under Theme Options > Transparent Header Options, which also pointed to /dev. I changed it to /dev2 and the logo started showing up. I guess I am surprised, since that is just a location, why it still didn’t work, even though it was in a different directory, but understanding that is for another time!

    There were no pro sliders either. I did copy over the “home” slider from the /dev site to the /dev2 site and it seems to work, but now I am wondering why? Since the media file in /dev2 does not have the same images in the same location as the /dev site. In some case it does not have them at all as I made them up while I was developing the /dev site. This seems to indicate that, at least with sliders, it does pick up images from different directories.

    Now, I guess I also wonder what gets exported via the import/export option. I was hoping menus, widget settings, etc would get copied as well. Even pages would be nice.

    Is it possible to use the work I’ve done in the /dev site and transfer these, e.g. widget settings, menus, etc to the /dev2 site and yet keep the “stuff” from the live site. I realize a lot of images will be wrong as my media file in the /dev site has a lot of the Shopping Demo images from Ascend and my /dev2 site has them all from the live site. Do I have to reconstruct everything from scratch? Just reentering all the widget and menu settings etc from the /dev site? Is there a way to copy those?

    Sorry for the long mess here. Any ideas to make life a little easier in transporting and setting up a new site would be greatly appreciated. I guess when I get done, I’ll need to duplicate the /dev2 site to the live site. I’m hoping it won’t be too bad, but I’m afraid I’ll still have to change some locations and pointers from /dev2 to nothing, that is from cagesplus.com/dev2 to cagesplus.com I have a lot of pages and it may take time to double check all that.

    /Bob DeCloss

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