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  • June 29, 2020 at 7:21 am #252147


    I am looking to find a way to add a widget with Recently viewed products at all product pages. To be displayed below the “You may also like” up-sell product row. Tried the SiteOrgin Premium Plug-in and their Woocommerce Template builder. To my understanding SiteOrgin is a recommended plug-in?

    I have created a product page template within SiteOrgin Premium plug-in, that works with all rows and widgets, apart from the last row and not the widget row containing Recently viewed products. Any toughs on why? Is there a conflict between the Ascend theme settings and the SiteOrgin Premium Plug-in?

    Is there another plug-in that may work better with Ascend that you can recommend? Or perhaps a way to do this within Ascend without plug-ins?

    Thank you.

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