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Posted in: Virtue Theme
October 20, 2013 at 6:29 am

Hi, I have come across some problems with Portfolio and The Web Shop.

1. For example, if I put up a store with 1.000 items and 50 of them are t-shirts. When filtered out as T-shirts it only filters out t-shirts on the page you are on at the time. Wich means that our customers would have to browse through almost 100 pages and filter every single one of them to see the T-shirts. The proper way would be to rearrange the filtered out items and put all the t-shirts in one group (and not have to filter t-shirts again when you go on the next page).
The same goes for Portfolio.

2. In Portfolio, when looking at Portfolio Item there is a icon in the top right corner (arrow – grid – arrow) for going back to te Portfolio grid …
I would like to have in the store a “Back to store” icon when viewing selected item.

In every other way this is just beautiful, thank you.

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