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296 votes

White Label Option

Please add option to be able to white label theme etc for agencies (similar to ((shhh)) Astra ) Thank you

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277 votes

Dynamic content

It would be amazing to have a configurable block and/or page template for dynamic content to be able to loop custom post type data.

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262 votes

Built in Maintenance Mode for Kadence Products

It would be awesome if your theme/plugins have a maintenance mode similar to the one Elementor has –

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212 votes

Individual Archive Layout Controls

Add enable/disable sidebar on specific archives, add custom page title backgrounds control all in the archive meta

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158 votes

Padding and margin control

Any block setting which allows setting top and bottom margin, should also allow setting of left and right margin. Also T/B/L/R padding.

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146 votes

More responsive breakpoints (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet (portrait), Tablet (landscape), Mobile (portrait), Mobile (landscape) and with ability to change the values ourselves for each

We just have three breakpoints currently: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. This is not enough for majority of things. For example portrait tablet looks more like mobile but wider and landscape tablet is more close to a laptop screen, but it's not as wide. Having one design for tablet will either go towards mobile or laptop…

124 votes

Theme Documentation - More Articles and Indepth Explanation

Hi guys, the Kadence Theme in really full of options but some of these are not explained at all or enough indepth. Would be a good idea to expand the documentation with some screen and/or videos tutorial. In this way probably you will save time on support requests and customers will be grateful with you….

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108 votes

Set different color for each post category

As a user of Kadence theme, it would be nice if I can set a different color for each post category on the Customizer. Screenshot :-

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90 votes

Responsive Woocommerce product filters

Very fast ajax based product filter and search for Woocommerce products, filtering taxonomies, post types, attributes, prices etc.