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193 votes

Dynamic content

It would be amazing to have a configurable block and/or page template for dynamic content to be able to loop custom post type data.

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167 votes

White Label Option

Please add option to be able to white label theme etc for agencies (similar to ((shhh)) Astra ) Thank you

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139 votes

Individual Archive Layout Controls

Add enable/disable sidebar on specific archives, add custom page title backgrounds control all in the archive meta

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137 votes

Built in Maintenance Mode for Kadence Products

It would be awesome if your theme/plugins have a maintenance mode similar to the one Elementor has –

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106 votes

Padding and margin control

Any block setting which allows setting top and bottom margin, should also allow setting of left and right margin. Also T/B/L/R padding.

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70 votes

Theme Documentation - More Articles and Indepth Explanation

Hi guys, the Kadence Theme in really full of options but some of these are not explained at all or enough indepth. Would be a good idea to expand the documentation with some screen and/or videos tutorial. In this way probably you will save time on support requests and customers will be grateful with you….

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59 votes

Countdown Timer Block: Add "auto-repeating" option

I want to have a weekly live-webinar happening each Friday afternoon. Promoting this event with a countdown requires me to re-set the fixed date to the next week. So how about providing a third option, like a repeating countdown, so it automatically renews every day/week/month or on a specific regular day of the week/month/year?

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