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Theme Documentation - More Articles and Indepth Explanation

Hi guys, the Kadence Theme in really full of options but some of these are not explained at all or enough indepth. Would be a good idea to expand the documentation with some screen and/or videos tutorial. In this way probably you will save time on support requests and customers will be grateful with you. Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi Ben,

    Here’s a suggestion for documentation:

    The footer. Thanks to the support team I know my way around it now, but I can imagine that for new users the footer takes a while to master.
    To summarize, here’s some things I struggled with:

    – How to add a text box. The text box is not part of the widget shortlist so you have to know you have to type “text” at search
    – How to change the text font size / link colors etc. You don’t do this thru the text widget itself, but rather via the row settings. Took me weeks before I figure this out
    – Changing the footer width

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