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Free Kadence Theme - Integrate 'Reading Time' plugin into meta options for posts/pages/archives

In an effort to condense additional plugins into a more unified Kadence Product offering for less confusion and more convenience, I think it would be a great idea to integrate the 'Reading Time' plugin options directly into the post/pages/archives meta options in the free Kadence theme. You would open up the 'meta' dropdown on either posts/pages/archives and there would be an option to show "Reading Time" as a part of the meta options. Just like the plugin, there would be a customizable label before the reading time that would default to "Reading Time:" but could be customized and turned on/off. Similarly, there would be a customizable label after the reading time that would default to "minutes" and could also be turned on/off. Additionally, a toggle to turn on/off a "reading progress bar" would be a nice addition. As the user scrolls down the page on either desktop or mobile, a reading progress bar would show at the very top of the screen or under the header (if there's a sticky header) and would scroll left to right as the user scrolls through the post to indicate how far along they are. This progress bar color could be chosen and directly tied to your global color palette.
Jake Pfohl shared this idea

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