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The most discerning home improvement clients want to know that your expertise and craftsmanship are going to bring their big dreams to life, and your website absolutely must reflect that adherence to the highest quality standards. That’s where the Kadence Builder Pro Starter Template comes in. This WordPress starter template doesn’t skimp on artistry and quality, giving you the perfect platform to showcase your own artisan attention to detail.

Showcase your authority as a builder with stunning imagery and easy to discern testimonials that connect with the most demanding home improvement shoppers. The Builder starter template make it easy for anyone looking for a high quality builder to reach out and connect. After all, it’s that personalized customer service that experienced builders know makes the difference for their brand.

Perfect For:
  • Entrepreneurs
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  • Service Business
Optimized For:
  • Trust Building
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  • Lead Generation
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  • Conversions
builder starter template
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Google Map Block

Make sure your prospective customers know you’re local with an interactive Google Map, accessible from their mobile device.

Services listing

Showcase your expertise with a detailed service listing to highlight your home improvement capabilities.


Show your prospective customers visual proof of your design aesthetic and expertise that complements a homeowner’s curb appeal.


Share previous home improvement client experiences for immediate social proof to facilitate conversions.

Contact Forms

Make the first touchpoint easy with contact forms that take away the guesswork of how to get in touch.

Starter Blog Posts

Get started blogging with 10 starter blog posts ready to display your custom content.

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks, freely available from the repository. The Kadence Starter Template plugin will install and activate the most recent version for you.

Kadence Blocks Pro

Kadence Blocks Pro is an important part of this PRO starter template. We recommend installing this plugin before you activate your starter template. Kadence Blocks Pro is available in both the Essential and Full Bundle.

Kadence Pro

Kadence Theme Pro Plugin is an important part of this PRO starter template. We recommend installing this plugin before you activate your starter template. Kadence Pro is available in both the Essential and Full Bundle.

Is there a template demo available?

Yes, use the “Preview in Browser” link to view the Builder template demo.

I like this design, but I want to change to my brand’s colors. Can I do that?

Yes, you can. When you get started with the Kadence Starter Templates plugin and select Builder template, the Kadence Starter Template plugin will guide you to select a color scheme and font family to get started. You can always easily change the color scheme and font family later, too.

Can templates be used in existing projects?

Yes and no. You can import into an existing project, however, your settings for your current theme in the customizer will be overwritten. If you have an existing project, we recommend that you set up a staging environment so that you can begin applying changes off of your existing public site.

I don’t have a home improvement business, but I like the look and feel of this template. Can I still use it? 

Yes, of course. You’ll need to remove any content that isn’t relevant for it to make sense, but you can easily make this template your own without using our pre-populated content or images.

How do I get started using this template?

You’ll need to install the Kadence Starter Template plugin in your WordPress site and get started there. It’s very easy, please review this step-by-step guide or watch this short video tutorial to help you get started.

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