Getting Started with a Starter Template

Getting started with Kadence Starter Templates is easy, and free! While we do have a few PRO-only starter templates, we have a wide array of starter templates that are completely free to use. If a video walkthrough isn’t your thing, here are the full steps with screenshots to get you started building your digital empire with Kadence Starter Templates.

Note: It is recommended to begin with a fresh installation of WordPress before you import a starter template. The importer is designed for new/empty sites with no content.

If a video walkthrough isn’t your thing, here are the full steps with screenshots to get you started building your digital empire with Kadence Starter Templates. 

Step 1. Decide which starter template you’d like to use. 

You can peruse all of the available starter templates on our website and click through to view more details about the starter template. You can even view the full starter site template in a browser to see which pages are included for your website design inspiration.  Just click on one of the starter templates to open in a new browser window.

Step 2. Make sure you have an empty WordPress installation.

If you install a Kadence Starter Template on a production site, your customizer settings will be overridden. We recommend that you only start with a fresh WordPress installation and build your site from there. 

Step 3. Install the Kadence Theme. 

Make sure you have your Kadence theme installed. Head to Appearance > Themes and “Add New” to install the Kadence Theme.

adding a new theme is easy

You can either scroll a bit to find Kadence, visible usually on the first page, or you can search for Kadence. 

install the kadence theme

Step 4. Activate the Kadence Theme. 

Make sure you make Kadence the active theme on your site. 

activate the kadence theme

Step 5. Install Starter Templates. 

Next, head to Appearance > Kadence on the left sidebar in your wp-admin interface.

Once there, click the “Starter Templates” navigation at the top of the page.

click starter templates

You’ll then see a screen with a big button to “Install Kadence Starter Templates.” Click that button. It will install the Kadence Starter Templates plugin in your WordPress site. 

install kadence starter templates

(Alternatively, you can go to Plugins > Add New and search for Kadence Starter Templates. Find it, click install and then activate.)

Step 6. Find your Desired Starter Template

All of the starter templates you saw in step 1 on our website are also available in the Kadence Starter Template plugin on your site. Find the one you’d like to use. In our case below, we’re working with the Yosemite Starter Template. Click on your desired starter template. 

Step 7. Choose Your Color Scheme

Easily choose the color scheme you’d like to use with your starter template. You can also change this later in the customizer. To go back to the original starter template settings, click the circular reset icon next to the setting’s heading. 

choose color scheme

Step 8. Choose Your Fonts

Easily choose the font you’d like to use with your starter template. 

choose fonts kadence starter templates

Step 9. Import the Site

With all of your customizations selected, it’s time to build your site. Don’t worry, Kadence Starter Templates will do all of the work for you. Click “Full Site” under import options to get all of the plugins, content, and images imported into your WordPress site. This may take a minute or two, so be patient. It’s a good time to get a beverage of your choice.

Step 10. Check out your imported site

When the import is complete, you’ll see a message on the right side of the screen. Click the “Finished! View your site” button to check out the fully imported site. 

We know your work isn’t done yet at this point; you’ll still need to add your own images and content, but we’re confident you’ve now got a great foundation on which to build an amazing WordPress site that can support your dream’s growth.