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If you’ve developed an innovative way to help people look and feel their best, then the world is ready for it. To help you get your training online fast, Fitness Course starter template is ready for your content, video, and photography. With LearnDash, you’ll get your expertise online quickly and easily, helping the world be a better place through effective fitness training.

The unique royalty-free imagery in the Fitness Course starter template is everything you need to get started training people in your town or around the world.

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fitness course
Custom curated designs

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Video Hero

Use the royalty free video hero area or replace with your own video background.

Stunning visuals

Discerning fitness enthusiasts will be impressed by stunning visuals related to fitness education.

Contact Forms

Your students and prospective students can contact you easily to find out more.


Share your happy students’ experiences shopping with your business for immediate social proof to facilitate conversions.


Use the galleries to encourage people to look and feel their best through your course.

Newsletter Forms

Stay connected with your audience through email marketing and ready-to-connect email subscription forms as a part of the Leather Shop Starter Template.

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks, freely available from the repository. The Kadence Starter Template plugin will install and activate the most recent version for you.


LearnDash is the number one solution for creating online courses. As this is a pro-only plugin, we recommend installing LearnDash before you get started with the Life Coach starter template. LearnDash is a part of the StellarWP group of brands.

LearnDash Course Grid

The LearnDash Course Grid add-on gives you the ability to create a responsive course library that can be inserted on any page or post of your site. This is a perfect feature if you have a variety of course offerings and want to give users the ability to filter through them by category. Learn more about the LearnDash Course Grid plugin.

Is there a template demo available?

Yes, use the “Preview in Browser” link to view the Fitness Course template demo.

I like this design, but I want to change to my brand’s colors. Can I do that?

Yes, you can. When you get started with the Kadence Starter Templates plugin and select the Fitness Course template, the Kadence Starter Template plugin will guide you to select a color scheme and font family to get started. You can always easily change the color scheme and font family later, too.

Can templates be used in existing projects?

Yes and no. You can import into an existing project, however, your settings for your current theme in the customizer will be overwritten. If you have an existing project, we recommend that you set up a staging environment so that you can begin applying changes off of your existing public site.

I don’t have a fitness course, but I like the look and feel of this template. Can I still use it?

Yes, of course. You’ll need to remove any content that isn’t relevant for it to make sense, but you can easily make this template your own without using our pre-populated content.

How do I get started using this template?

You’ll need to install the Kadence Starter Template plugin in your WordPress site and get started there. It’s very easy, please review this step-by-step guide or watch this short video tutorial to help you get started.

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