Kadence Theme Pro Update Adds Tools for Managing Kadence Elements

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On Thursday, September 22, 2022, the Kadence team released an update to the Kadence Theme Pro plugin, adding two new features that allow for easier management of Kadence Elements. Kadence Elements are either full page templates or groups of blocks that can be used for custom templates and theme building, drop in content areas, or fixed elements on the page to more easily manage these elements.

These two new features added to Kadence Theme Pro plugin version 1.0.6 make using Kadence Elements even easier than before.

Native duplication capability

The first addition allows a site owner or editor to quickly duplicate an element. Instead of using a duplicator plugin, you can now duplicate an element quickly and easily right on the admin dashboard.

duplicate kadence element template

Often when users are creating new elements, there is a need to create a similar but modified element for a separate use case. For example, a site owner creates a custom post type that has a template page (or an archive page), but there is a need for a separate template layout for a group of posts, or even a singular post. A staff directory might want a different layout for HR staff members than it would for the engineering team. This duplication capability makes creating additional elements simplified and easy for the web team.

Enable/disable element capability

The second addition allows for fast enablement or disablement of an element. When adding a new element to a site, various rules can be applied for a specific element. For example, a section might be enabled for every blog post, but during testing it becomes apparent that a tweak needs to be made. Rather than deleting the element or turning off display rules within Kadence elements editing screen, a site owner can easily toggle display on or off right on the element listing overview page.

enable/disable templaet

Additional Updates

The Kadence team also added a number of bug fixes and enhancements to the Kadence Theme Pro plugin this week, as well as some updates to the Kadence Theme available on the WordPress repository. These include updates to integrations with The Events Calendar and minor bug fixes. The Kadence Theme changelog has all of the information regarding these releases.

Kadence Blocks remains in active development with a focus on refactoring some foundational elements within Kadence Blocks. We will keep you posted on future updates.

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  1. Nice work. I’m using Kadence Elements more and more with each site I build – they are really useful in several ways!
    I’m pleased to see all the ongoing updates and improvements that keep coming đŸ™‚

  2. Hi there. Quick question. Whenever I update my Kadence, it wipes out all the changes I have made to my original template. What am I doing wrong? I don’t want to have to rebuild the website each time Kadence updates. Please advise. Thanks.

  3. I’ve been using Kadence for a few months now and it’s amazing! It’s easy for the reader’s eye and blazing fast. I love this new duplicate option as I’ve been using a plugin previously to duplicate content.

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