Advanced Button Block

The Advanced Button block allows you to configure unique buttons with many options. You can have a singular button or add up to 5 buttons, each with different styling.

To set up the button block, follow these steps:

Select the Advanced Button Block from the Add Block menu:

Select Advanced Button

With each button, you can set whatever text you’d like to show:

Set Button Text

If you want the block to show more than one button, increase the button count as necessary. Note that each button must be configured individually and will not take on the styling of the previous button:

Number Of Buttons

Edit the appearance of the button by opening the respective drop-down in the block settings area:

Button Settings

Set the normal state of the button as well as the hover:

Normal State Button Settings

Normal Settings

Hover State Button Settings

Hover Settings

Test your buttons to see if you’re happy with them:

Button On Front End